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Shaving & skincare by Gillette.

I’m one of the guys who can not really grow a beard. Or maybe I could but it would probably take like years so I have just learned to live without. Maybe some day in the future, who knows…

That said, I usually enjoy my shaving routines to be fast, clean and simple but still something to enjoy every time. After trying and coming into conclusion that an old fashion safety razor was not the best option for me, I was pleased when a while ago I got a chance from Gillette to try out their new Gillette Golden Fusion ProGlide Power Razor and some of their finest shaving & skincare products.


The new razor is said to be Gillette’s most advanced blade ever. Compared to the previous ones it has thinner and finer blades with advanced low-resistance coating, which should allow the razor’s blades to glide effortlessly through hair and so provide incredible comfort through the shaving process. So far (after couple of shavings) this seems to be the case. The new thing for me was that the razor comes with power that makes it to be some kind of hybrid between a normal razor and a shaver (Can not really use a normal shaver as most of them irritates my skins too much). I still have to learn to use that properly but by the first touch I’d say the system works and makes “the process” to be even more clean and accurate.

As said I've only tried my new kit for a couple of times now so I can not make any complete conclusions. However I'm pleased so far (Thanks to Gillette), but also curious to see if these are the products that gonna make permanent stay to my skincare and shaving routines.

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