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Site update - search now alive

I was recently going through the site and noticed there was a thing missing (which I didn’t know about) and that was the “search”-option.

As the “archives”  can be pretty hard to go through in case you’re looking something particular information, I decided to update the site so that now there is a search-option in function and it can be found straight under the site “portrait and description”. The search is based on “tags” that are used in the posts and that can be seen in the end of every post as well.

I hope it will make it easier to find posts from the past and from the categories you’re interested in.

Another thing that was updated a bit is the “top bar” where you can now find straight links to:

DLA - facebook

Me - which includes straight link to my outfit-posts - discussion forum - inspirational tumblr-board


And in addition there are featured the “Ask”-function which enables you ask whatever is in your mind and “Subscribe” that will bring DLA updates straight to your RSS-feed.

In addition I’d like to remind that in case you have any comments or questions regarding some particular posts, please feel free to use the “comment / disqus”-section in the end of every post.



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