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Casually in Stockholm

For the last weekend of May we headed to Stockholm. Marcus Malmborg, a show-room owner and a good friend of mine invited us to have dinner and meet some of the finest #menswear-influencers of the city. Today it's time for couple examples of what to wear for this kind of short and casual city holiday. A review of Marcus and his showroom as well as of Stoffa, one of the most interesting brands on the market at the moment is coming up later. Weekend trips and holidays are a bit hard for me to dress up. Most of time I would like to go fully casual. Wear jeans or shorts with t-shirt or a button-up. On the other hand I naturally like wearing sport coats and suits, as far as they are not too dressed-up. So I try to balance between these two preferences. align="alignnone" Caruso checked sport coat with highwaist cotton trousersChecked sport coat with denim shirtChecked sport coat with denim shirt and wool silk pocket squareDLA cotton trousers with denim shirt and checked jacket I personally prefer higher waist for more dressed-up cotton trousers.

Full casual with panama hat

Stll I need to admit that I'm not much into hats. That's mostly because I think it really requires a lot from anyone to be able to pull of the look without looking like just trying to hard. And it's also a fact that "pulling off the look" is not just about one's skills but also the overall look and appearance. Recently however I've come closer to accept the idea that I might like wearing hats. And that I could pull them off in some cases. Therefore I decided to take my panama hat with me to Stockholm. And for the first day we spent strolling around town and shops, I decided to wear it with a striped merino wool sweater and my camel colored cotton trousers (part of a suit).  If hats are something I'm not that fond of (yet) for myself, striped are totally another thing. In terms of t-shirts and sweaters I really like vertical stripes. And therefore I was also happy that last summer at Pitti Uomo there were many brands that featured a lot of stripes in their collections. So I also believe that will be one of the biggest trends this season. And here is one simple example how to play with stripes. And I need to admit I'm starting to like that hat. Maybe I will wear it at least one more time this summer. Panama hat with striped shirt and cotton slacks How to wear panama hat casually

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