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Fall inspiration - Suede jacket

Suede jackets have gained much popularity during the last couple of years. They have actually got quite a profile boost by many leading menswear designers as they have shifted towards a softer, more casual, 1970s-inspired aesthetic. Therefore I thought I could throw in my 2 cents on how to wear a suede jacket. Stoffa suede blouson with denim shirtStoffa sand colored suede jacket
Suede originally takes its name from the soft, napped-leather gloves made in Sweden for import to France. These gloves  became known as gants de Suède . Fortunaly gloves were just the start for this wonderfully versatile fabric. Today you can find suede shoes, suede jackets, overcoats and even suede shirts.  One of the best features of suede is the versatility of the fabric. This means there are multiple ways to work it into your look. It also gives you opportunities to play with different textures and levels of formality. Below you will find two different ways to wear a suede jacket. The first one is more dressed up whereas the other one fully casual.

Suede jacket - smart casual & #menswear

In the so-called #menswear-scene one of the key players in terms of suede jackets popularity is Agyesh Madan and his brand Stoffa. For more inspiration I highly recommend to take a look at their instagram-account. stoffa-suede-jacket Inspiration by La Stoffa. The first combination is build by using mainly the different shades of brown. By opting for a neutral palette you give more room to the textures and little details. The asymmetric Stoffa suede jacket I chose here is very neat and clean. Even though the jacket is in general very casual, you can easily combine it with pieces such as the flannel trousers. With this kind of a jacket I would not wear a tie. Therefore a long-sleeved merino wool polo shirt is a perfect option here. It will keep the ensemble restrained and elegant but still fairly casual. Finally put on some suede loafers and throw in a big scarf to keep you warm. The hat is optional. . stoffa-suede-jacket-with-flannel-trousers  

A-1 suede jacket - make it casual

As you know, the best looks are those that somehow manage to be more than the sum of their parts. Think for example a combination of basic white sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt. Three simple pieces that with the right fit form a simple and effective ensemble. The same applies here. Just keep in mind that do not overcomplicate things. The Valstar's 'Valstarino' jacket which is inspired by original A-1 flight jackets is again highly versatile piece. The details, construction and comfortable fit guarantee it will never date. And this kind of jacket you can actually combine with more dressed-up garments as well. This you could pair even for example with the flannel trousers, denim shirt and cashmere tie. But here it is combined with casual pieces. When the fall comes it is time to take your roll neck sweaters from the storage. Simple blue cotton chinos and dark brown leather sneakers will finalize the look.   suede-jacket-a1-with-roll-neck-sweater   Have a good week you all!  

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