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Suit trousers with sport coat - smart business casual

One way to dress down your suit is to wear it as separates. And the most common way to do that is to wear the suit jacket with odd trousers. But the trick can also be done the other way round. You can try and wear your suit trousers with sport coat. This will instantly dresss down your outfit from business formal to business or smart casual. This is a last set of photos from our photoshoot at Dick Johnson barbershop in Tampere earlier in the fall. I have earlier written about gray suit with navy grenadine tie and here you can see the same outfit with a different jacket. Instead of the suit jacket I am wearing the suit trousers and navy blue tie with checked sport coat by Lardini. align="alignnone" Suit trousers with sport coat - checked-sport-coat-with-navy-tie-and-gray-trousersSuit trousers with sport coat - how-to-wear-checked-sport-coat-with-gray-trousers-and-navy-blue-tieSuit trousers with sport coat - Lardini checked sport coat with gray trousers side angleart-pocket-square-dla-defense-of-sampo Finally another option - gray suit trousers with blue suit jacket. And the DLA Defense of Sampo pocket square. See other post about wearing the patterned sport coat: Checked sport coat for weekend casual Casual and sharp -patterned sport coat with brown tie Shantung silk tie - between formal and casual

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