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Summer inspiration - simple styles for vacation

I will start the second part of my summer vacation today. And I will probably spend next three weeks mostly wearing shorts, t-shirts and sneakers. But for a little weekend and summer inspiration I decided to come up with some summer collages featuring a few  essential summer garments. In terms of dressing up the basic principles are not dependent on season. Winter or summer, the same ground rules apply. At least as far as I am concerned. So when you are building up your summer style and outfits, remember to keep it simple. And remember that versatility as well as adaptability are the keys to success.
Cotton suit trousers worn separately
Camel colored cotton suit trousers with sneakers

Brown suit

Brown colored linen or cotton suit is a classic piece of men's summer wardrobe. Even though it might sometimes be a bit underappreciated. Crispy cotton suit is in principle quite casual and easy to dress up or down. Combined with a white button-up shirt, navy blue grenadine tie and some brown calf leather lace-up shoes or loafers it makes the perfect summer wedding attire. Secondly, wear it with popover shirt and driving mocs like below and you have a nice casual kit for office or weekend wear. And if the weather gets cold or rainy you can combine your suit with a classic olive green field jacket.   Summer inspiration - linen suit with navy blue polo shirt

Navy blue blazer

Summer of or winter - there is always place for a navy blue blazer. It's just about the materials you choose and how you combine your blazer. If you have some semi-formal summer parties coming up and you are looking for something smart but still in a way relaxed to wear, my recommendation is to go with a soft tailored navy blue jacket (with patch pocket if preferred), light colored cotton slacks, toned down accessories and brown suede loafers. If suit is not required by dress code - this kit will be smart enough to any party but will not make you feel overdressed in any occasion.   Summer inspiration - navy blue blazer with cotton slacks

Double-breasted blazer

Another option is of course a double-breasted blazer. Whether to go for single or double-breasted jacket is mainly about personal prefenrence. But if you only gonna have one blue blazer in your rotation, it is better to choose a single-breasted jacket. For those more formal summer parties, change the cotton slacks for lightweight wool trousers and loafers to calf leather oxfords. Combine your double-breasted blazer with white shirt and gray wool tie. And you are set to go.   summer inspiration - double-breasted navy blazer with gray wool trousers

Patterned sport coat

Sport coat is one of those garments men can be safely daring with and go even for more bold patterns. A little bit of boldness can also help you to make a simple tailored jacket a lot more versatile. For summer wear go for unlined and unconstructed options made of light weight wool, linen, cotton or mixture combining these materials. If you go for bold pattern it is best to keep the rest of the outfit restrained and toned down. A pair of light colored denim and a light blue button-up shirt will keep you covered for the rest. Tie here is optional. If you choose to wear a necktie, try shantung silk to add a little texture to your outfit.   summer inspiration - sport coat with shantung tie

T-shirt and sneakers for traveling

One thing I've learned during my trips is that always try travel as casual and comfy as possible. For me that nowadays means jeans and t-shirt, maybe a casual cotton blazer or a jacket and some simple sneakers. And well, there really ain't no better summer kit than well-fitted t-shirt, sneakers and denim.   Summer inspiration - sport coat with denim and sneakers

Shorts with polo shirt

In terms of shorts neatly tailored appearance and right fit will provide a sartorial finish and keep you looking smart no matter the occasion. Go for natureted, earthy hues and simple colors that are easy to mix and suitable for summer wear. Finally combine with some contrast colored polo-shirt, classic canvas sneakers and a tote bag.   summer inspiration - shorts with polo shirt

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