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Outfit of the week - double-breasted jersey blazer

For a couple last seasons horizontal stripes has been kind of a trend. In addition to vertical stripes  horizontal stripes have been seen in shirts, knitwear and even in tailored clothing. Last summer I bought myself a double-breasted jersey blazer by Tombolini. A jersey blazer that features thin blue and white horizontal stripes. In fact it is a great summer sport coat for casual occasions. I don't usually recommend wearing striped jackets as sport coats. For example chalk striped suit jacket should generally be used only as a part of full suit. However this rule is not carved in stone. A bold striped sport coat can be a great statement piece. And if you choose a jacket with horizontal stripes - that is quite another thing. As you can't really have a suit with horizontal stripes. Double-breasted jersey blazer with knitted tie and white shirtDouble-breasted jersey blazer and details - tie your knit tieBrown knitted tie with tombolini double-breasted jersey blazerDouble-breasted jersey blazer and details - paisley linen pocket square and shades of brown Restrained combination of brown and blue.

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