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Tote bag - a simple choice

Tote bag is my favorite kind of a bag. As the start of work and schools approaches, it is good time to take an update to this versatile piece. Today a few words about tote bags and how to use them.  When I leave the house in the morning there is basically one thing I never leave without - and that's my tote bag. Usually I throw in my laptop portfolio, umbrella, wallet, phone, keys. Some times even my gym gear. And they all fit in just nicely. align="alignnone" DressLikeA_pitt uomo 90_gq_britain_blue suitPitti Uomo 89 - windowpane suit with casentino coat A tote bag in light shade of brown is a good way to balance the shades of grey and blue in your outfit.

Tote bag - simple and diverse

However, finding a functional yet stylish bag is rarely an easy task. The bag might be too bulky to carry to work or too small to accommodate laptop and important documents. In my opinion tote bag is pretty much perfect for this purpose when you need to have space for more than one or two documents or other things but you don't want to carry around large duffel or weekender bags. It is flexible, it is versatile and yet it looks good when combined in a right way. In my book there are multiple reasons to choose a tote as your go-to-bag. For those guys who think that a portfolio is a little too formal (or just too small) to have with you every day, tote bag is a good option. Like me, you can always put your portfolio in your tote so that in case you need it at some point during the day - you will have it with you. Also in terms of overall aesthetics, simple and restrained tote bag does not actually really differ from a big portfolio. Yet it is much more flexible in terms of construction. Mismo tote bag

Right kind of bag for the right purpose

The minimalist design that tote bags feature makes it is easy to combine with many different kind of styles. For casual wear - a canvas tote bag in blue or light shade of brown goes perfectly with jeans and pullover. On the other hand, take a well-tailored suit and combine your tote with that. You will end up with a sophisticated yet relaxed and simple look that does not scream business or anything too formal. Finally a tote bag nicely completes the selection of bags you have in your rotation. For a person who needs to carry large amounts of paper documents tote bag can serve as a complement for portfolio. It enables better distribution of weight and papers instead of putting all weight on one sleeve and one hand. Secondly if you are heading for a weekend getaway, tote bag is easy to put in your luggage. And you will have a perfect shopping bag while strolling around city streets. Lardini double-breasted blazer with Berwich trousersMismo bag with suede tassel loafers

Sum up - 5x tote bag

The market for tote bags at the moment is quite large. Choosing a right one for your personal purposes pretty much depend on the fact - for what purpose are you looking the bag for. In case you want something as versatile as possible, my personal choice would be a tote made of sturdy yet refined cotton cloth. In terms of color go for blue or brown with leather details. As a sum-up there are eight different options to check out.
MIsmo tote bag grid-shopper-navy

1) Mismo

The Grid Shopper was first introduced in Spring 2012. I've had mine since. The simple fabric body is protected by a leather grid pattern, drawing inspiration from traditional harnesses and the craft of saddlers. The bag also has a large internal open pocket for documents and magazines. In addition there is a smaller open pocket for your mobile phone or other small items.
Frank Clegg tote bag

2) Frank Clegg Leatherworks

This one is one of my personal favorites. Made of shrunken grain leather featuring big open comparment this bag is suitable to take anywhere from a day at the beach, to a day in the city - this tote looks just right and most importantly feels right for whatever the occasion might be.
Ghurka editor tote bag

3) Ghurka - Editor bag

Another American classic - Ghurka. A versatile option that is a great companion for business, shopping, and weekends away. If you go their website you will see a pics of their bags with a patina it has gained through years. And that patina looks quite nice. That's what quality is all about.
Bonastre tote bag

4) Bonastre

French Bonastre offers a great, simple and refined tote bag for those who are looking one to carry with a suit to the office. This is one is also suitable for your girlfriend to borrow.
Filson tote bag

5) Filson

Filson offers an option worth considering for those who are looking a quality bag on a lower budget. The bag features simple design and toned down shade of blue. It is appropriate to wear as well with denim and t-shirt as well as with a crispy cotton suit.  

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