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Week in Naples - part II

Naples is the regional capital of Campania. And it is the third-largest municipality in Italy after Rome and Milan. This summer I finally got to visit the heart of Italian tailoring and craftsmanship for the first time. Now it is time for the second part of the short series of photos showcasing our trip. Or at least what I wore for the trip.

As mentioned in the first part, I am not going to give you any traveling tips here. But instead I will try to give you some inspiration on what to wear for casual summer vacation by sharing the attires I wore for our trip.

Day 4 - light blue and brown

On the fourth day of our trip we headed from Naples to Sorrento. You can make the trip by train but as the trains do not feature any air condition, we decided to make our way by a ferry. At same time you get a better chance to take a look at the beautiful landscape from the sea.

As we spent most of our time in Sorrento at the beach, for the morning and afternoon I wore the most casual attire of the trip. The camouflage shorts with a white one-piece collar polo shirt. Simple and clean but definitely not sloppy in any way.

The fourth and last night in Napoli was the only time I wore a tie during our trip. We headed for dinner at the rooftop of the Excelsior hotel featuring a nice view on the sea. For the dinner I wore the light blue suit made of a wool-silk-linen fabric. The fabric is actually a perfect choice for warm and sunny summer season. Light and relaxed but does not crease like pure linen or cotton for example.

I paired the suit with a brown-striped linen shirt and a navy blue silk tie with a floral pattern. Restrained pattern matching and playing with different shades of brown are an easy way to create a dressed-up yet relaxed attire.

Day 5 - traveling in cotton

On the last day of our trip we left Naples and spent the day in Rome. Mainly because we then took our flight back home from there. So the last day was about strolling around Rome and enjoying the last nice Italian lunch and some great wine.

I have said it earlier that in my opinion a cotton suit is one of the most versatile suits there is. And the camel colored cotton suit of my makes no exception to that. I like it because it is again casual and smart at the same time. And combined with the white DLA oxford shirt it also makes a very good traveling attire.

So I had with me three suits, one pair of odd trousers, three pair of shorts, 4 button up shirts, 3 polo shirts, some accessories and 2 pairs of shoes. I think you could survive with less stuff for sure, but on the other if you have space in your luggage, why not to use it.

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