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How to dress up for New Year's Eve

One year is again almost behind us and it is time to celebrate the new year. What plans do you have? And have you already an answer for the question, what to wear on New Year's Eve? To be honest, in my opinion New Year is probably one the most overrated holidays and parties there is. For some reason there's this weird societal pressure to do something€”anything€”on the 31st of December. And in Finland that's usually an eveningn that is cold as hell. I personally like to take it easy. A dinner and some champagne on a nice restaurant or a relaxed dinner party with the closest friends. what-to-wear-on-new-years-eve-dla Gray suit with white shirt and navy grenadine tie. This is what I wore for Christmas Eve dinner. It would be perfectly appropriate for New Year's Eve dinner as well.   But there are of course multiple ways to celebrate New Year's Eve. Here I give you three different options or three different outfits to be exact. Depending on how you are going to spend your big evening, I hope these helps you to decide how to dress up for the New Year's Eve.

What to wear on New Year's Eve cocktail party - elegant & chic with velvet tuxedo

Are you ready to party? If you have a cocktail party coming up, tuxedo is the best choice. Or even if you would be just heading to the bar, it is appropriate to wear tuxedo on New Year's Eve. And if you want to go a little bit over the top, choose a black velvet tuxedo. And pair it with black suede Belgian loafers. Or more classic black opera pumps. Finish the look with a bottle of champagne and you are all set for any party. I personally have a black velvet three piece suit, which I wear for every chance I get. There ain't no many occasions you wear a tux, so use them whenever you get get one.   what-to-wear-on-new-years-eve-mens-formal-attire-black-velvet-tuxedo

Dinner outside - dress up with a suit and a tie

If you don't have any fancy party to attend or you just don't want to wear a tuxedo, you can go for something that is dressed up but still more casual than the formal dark suit or a tux attire. This outfit is appropriate if you are heading to have a dinner or some drinks outside. This is something I probably will be wearing for this New Year's Eve as we head out to eat. Take a navy or gray suit with a small and restrained pattern or texture. Pair it with white shirt. Remember that white shirt is always appropriate choice. And it is easy to dress up or down. Take a simple gray tie and if you want to add some little color to your outfit, you can do it with the pocket square. But a white tv-fold or puff would do just fine. Finally a pair of burgundy calf leather brogue shoes and a touch of nice parfume. what-to-wear-on-new-years-eve-mens-smart-casual-attire-suit-with-tie

Casual and cozy at home - cashmere and good wine

Then the third option. This is for those of you for whom every night is a Netflix and chill kind of night. And if New Year's Eve makes no exception, make sure that you have the right ingredients to enjoy the night. Take a relaxing bath, open a bottle of wine, put on some scented candles and after that wrap yourself in cashmere. I personally got a sweatpants and sweater made out of cashmere for Christmas from my beautiful better half. A long-time wish that now came true. And there really ain't no better outfit to chill at home. That's for sure.


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