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Zalando Nordic Style Icons 2016 - Vote for me

Zalando launched this week their yearly blogger awards competition . Unlike its predecessor, this year the awards are named as Zalando Nordic Style Icons awards. The reason I bring this up here is the fact that I personally got nominated as one of the Finnish finalists in the category "Male Style Icon of the Year". So now you get the chance to vote for me. Zalando nordic style icons awards 2016 - Brown herringbone overcoat with burgundy tie and gray scarf.

Zalando Nordic Style Icons Award 2016

According to Zalando, through the competition they look for inspirational style icons influencing in the Nordic countries. "The most amazing fashion influencers in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark racing against each other" as they said in the press release. I naturally appreciate the nomination. And when I take at look at the other guys nominated in any of the countries involved, I'm happy to see my name on the list. As most of you know,  DressLikeA got started in 2011 as inspirational board for myself. At that time I wanted to share my inspiration with like-minded men. I wanted to share the pictures and stories I came across during the time I spent searching, learning and developing my own style. Today DLA is a lot more for me than just a blog or an inspirational board. And through DLA I get to work with the things I value, appreciate and enjoy. Zalando Nordic Style Awards 2016 Men Style Icon Atte Rytkönen

Male Style Icon of the year 2016

If I got to choose one title to add into my CV it would be "Male style icon of the year". Seriously, how cool is that. For that I need your vote. As you know, my personal style is guided by three points: quality, fit and aesthetics. In addition I have said that it's essential to be able to dress oneself according the situation and environment. And to do that with simplicity, adaptability and personality. Those are the corner stones of DLA-style. It's not that much about fashion than it is about style. It's not that much about quickly changing trends than it is about simple combinations and quality materials. Zalando Nordic-style Icons Awards 2016 -Checked sport coat with gray trousers and blue tie But of course, classic menswear is not detached from the rest of the world. There are trends in that scene as well. But in the end it is a question about are you making the best out of those trends and able to incorporate them into your own style. Just remember this: The key and secret of those most best dressed men is simple. Those guys do not wear clothing that draws attention or strikes observers as flamboyant; they wear clothes that are just simply well put together.

Sum up - vote for me

I know most of polls online are annoying. And I am not good at taking part on those. But if you think you want to give me your vote, you can do it through the Zalando Nordic Style Icons Awards. And if you decide to give your vote, you also get a chance to win a gift card to Zalando. I'm not sure whether you can participate in the vote if you're not living in Finland. But I appreciate and thank everyone who will try. Unfortunately the pictures at the voting site are small and the site does not contain links to any of the blogs. Finally, if I had got to choose I would have picked another shot to represent my personal style on the page. But you know me, so there's no problem there. Zalando Nordic Style Icons Awards 2016 - Wearing Lardini casentino coat at Pitti Uomo 89  

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