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Silver Grenadine Tie
Silver Grenadine Tie
Silver Grenadine Tie
Silver Grenadine Tie

Silver Grenadine Tie

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The silver grenadine tie is the perfect choice for any formal celebration. It is classic, yet lightweight, versatile and distinctive. It adds the perfect amount of visual interest to your outfit but will still play well in more formal and festive environments.

Silver grenadine tie with hand rolled edges

If you are looking for the right tie for formal evening events, or a tie for your wedding, look no further. A silver grenadine tie is a wardrobe essential. It’s a perfectly elegant way to complete your party outfit.

The Story

Grenadine’s texture gives it visual and aesthetic interest balanced by subdued coloring. These features make it easy to wear with almost anything. The fabric used for DLA grenadine ties is woven in Italy from a high-twist silk yarn on wooden looms that date back to the 1920s. The garza fina silk of DLA ties has a fine weave and is therefore more suitable to wear also at formal occasions.

What makes a grenadine tie so special? From afar the texture is smooth and classic. When you come closer, you can see the eccentric and lively details of the fabric. Garza fina grenadine is among the most eccentric woven tie fabrics, yet it is also synonymous with timeless and understated style.

How to wear a silver grenadine tie:

A silver grenadine tie is really the perfect tie for formal occasions, leaving you with one less thing to worry about when you have to get dressed for a wedding or fancy evening out.

Think of a navy blue unlined wool suit, soft spread collar oxford shirt and well-polished black or brown cap-toe oxfords. Add a silver grenadine tie to this combination and you have a foolproof outfit for any party.

Best summer wedding outfit with silver grenadine tie:

  • Navy blue lightweight wool suit
  • white soft collar lightweight oxford shirt
  • white linen pocket square
  • Well-polished brown cap-toe oxford shoes


  •       Width: 8 cm (≈3.15 inches)
  •       Length: 150 cm (≈59 inches)
  •       Fully lined
  •       Untipped
  •       Handrolled Blades
  •       100% Silk
  •       Handmade in Italy

Material: garza fina grenadine silk

  • The light, crisp weave of DLA silk grenadine fabric offers an unbeatable handle and purity of color. The garza fina silk that is used in DLA ties has a finer weave than the more traditional big knot grenadines ("garza grossa"). This gives the tie a more light and elegant overall look and feel. DLA ties are made of high-quality grenadine silk produced by Italian Fermo Fossati, one of oldest silk mills in Europe. The company has been operating with quality and precision since 1871. The grenadine fabric woven from a high-twist silk yarn on wooden looms that date back to the 1920s.
  • Grenadine silk is irrefutably the most versatile fabric one can choose for a tie.
  • Our ties are crafted in Northern Italy by family business that has been making high quality neckwear for decades. All aspects of production are done inside the family-run factory, from cutting fabrics to tip making, stitching and finishing the ties.
  • DLA essential ties are made by using the classic, light and minimalistic three-fold construction and feature light interlining that helps the tie keep its shape, drape on the wearer, and shake out wrinkles after wear. The essential line is for them for who a good drape, beautiful knot and functionality are more important than the number of folds. 
  • DLA ties are subtle yet refined. There are no striking brand tags or visible logos. We want you to love wearing them purely for the quality and feel they feature.