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The Fighting Capercaillies
The Fighting Capercaillies
The Fighting Capercaillies

The Fighting Capercaillies

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The right accessories can be the making of an outfit. Have a piece of art in your pocket and let it be the final touch. These fighting capercaillies will add a touch of character to any attire. Handmade in Italy from lightweight and soft wool-silk fabric and finished with delicate rolled edges.

The fighting capercaillies pocket square

This pocket square featuring muted colors and earthy tones is finely crafted by skilled artisans in a family-owned factory in Northern Italy. The square is a great way to bring a little contrast into light colored tailoring. If you are looking for a pocket square to wear with seasonal fall and winter suits or sports, look no further.

The story

The picture brings into life a scene from wild Finnish nature, a hazy forest clearing with two beautiful capercaillies just about to get into their classic fighting routine. And if you take a look at the picture you can see that it is a composition based on the classic golden ratio.

As a Finn I am personally inspired by the nature around. And the fighting capercaillies features a scenery that I could have seen on any given morning from our kitchen window back in the days when I was a kid. Now when I am living in the city, I can luckily have it in my pocket.

The fighting capercaillies is a canvas painting completed by Finnish artist Ferdinand von Wright in 1886. It is still one of the most well-know and loved paintings in the history of Finnish art. The original painting hangs in the Ateneum Museum in Helsinki.

How to wear the fighting capercaillies pocket square:

The key to the DLA pocket squares is their versatility. Use this square to add a little note of distinction and rakish charm to an understated suit or a jacket. Wear it for a wintry evening with a gray flannel suit, white shirt and the DLA brown shantung silk tie. Pour yourself a glass of a good whisky and enjoy.

And you can always use it as an decorative art piece on your wall.


  • 39cm x 39cm
  • Hand rolled edges
  • Wool (70%) / Silk (30%)
  • Made in Italy