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White linen pocket square
White linen pocket square
White linen pocket square

White linen pocket square

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It is simple, timeless and elegant. Every man needs a white linen pocket square. The DLA essential square is crafted in Italy from the finest Italian linen by family-run factory that has been making high quality accessories for decades. 

The white linen pocket square

If you only own one pocket square, make it a white beuatiful and soft linen square. The soft, transparent and delicate feel of the linen fabric makes this square ideal for formal and casual outfits in any season.

The Story

The origin of the pocket square goes back to era when they were used as as a handkerchief. And the pure white linen pocket square is closest to those roots. You can wear a white linen pocket square in almost any situation, in the breast pocket of almost any suit coat, sport coat or blazer. But remember, you don’t use it to blow your nose.

The white linen pocket square is like the navy suit or a black oxford shoes. Every man needs to have it.

You can never go wrong by adding a white linen pocket square to the suit and white shirt combo. With the right fold you make it look either formal or casual. The DLA white linen pocket square is made of soft Italian linen. The size of the square is big enough to keep the square easily on place in your pocket without looking too bulky. All of our squares are finished with hand rolled edges making them nice and round. It gives the square a refined, three-dimensional appearance that machine sewing simply cannot achieve.

How to wear the white linen pocket square:

The most elegant and most simple option to wear your white linen pocket square is the tv-fold. Or square fold. This pocket square fold which is also known as the presidential fold, is the ultimate classic and should be your choice for any formal event.

To make the perfect square fold, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Lay your pocket square on a flat surface
  2. Fold it into a rectangle
  3. Make another fold in the middle to the square
  4. Fold in two one more time
  5. Flip over and use the folded edges for the most formal loo

To make the result more casual, turn the folded edge with the hem pointing up. This works especially with your business suits. And if you want to combine your white square with denim, roll neck sweater and checked sport coat, use the puff fold.


  • 39cm x 39cm
  • Hand rolled edges
  • 100% lightweight Italian linen
  • Made in Italy