White shirt for casual wear

Posted by Atte Rytkönen on 16.7.2016 in General

White button-up shirt is the most formal choice a man can have in his wardrobe. But white shirt can also be perfect choice for casual wear. It’s just all about the material, fit and details. Today taking a look of four different ways to wear a white shirt for casual occasions.

We spent the past week in Paris. It was the first time for me and well, it is a beautiful city. When I packed for the trip I decided to wear basically only white shirts during our stay in there. I think that with white shirt you can create attires that are perfect for a vacation in Paris – casual and chic.

White short sleeve polo shirt and pleated trousers

Day 1 – Casual traveling

I have said it before, I like to travel as casual and in comfort as possible. But still keep my attire smart and good looking. So for the first day and for traveling I chose to wear something relaxed yet classic. So I went with jeans and white t-shirt.

In my opinion a well-fitting, well-made, quality t-shirt should be a staple piece of every man’s wardrobe. Also I believe that well-fitting t-shirt and well-fitting jeans is a combination that is about to look more stylish and elegant than a man wearing ill-fitting and poor-quality suit. Therefore it terms of casual style this is my summer uniform.

I know there are guys who don’t like distressed denim. In that case go for basic dark blue raw denim for example. That will make the combination even more classic. And well, what else would you wear with this kind of a set than white canvas or leather sneakers.

white t-shirt with jeans and mismo bag
White t-shirt with light colored denim. It does not really get any simpler than this.
white t-shirt with denim and sneakers
White sneakers by Superga and M/S soft work bag by Mismo.
How to wear white t-shirt
In case the sleeves of your shirt are a bit too long, roll them up. This also makes the look a bit more refined.
white t-shirt with jeans details
Vintage Omega Seamaster and some prototypes of upcoming DLA wrist accessories.

Day 2 – White shirt x Blue trousers

Keep in mind, in terms of colors blue with white is the ultimate summer combination.

On the second day of our trip we headed out of Paris to see the La Vallée Village outlet. So I wanted to wear (again) something casual but also something that would be easy to undress and dress in case I found something I would like to try on. This is one of the things to keep in my when you go shopping.

The blue trousers are from Uniqlo and I actually bought them on the first day as we were browsing around. I had been looking for a pair of dark blue casual chinos for a while and then I found these. They are something between cotton slacks and sweatpants. First of all the cut is quite slim and the trousers features creases. On the other hand the fabric is very soft and the waistband features ribbing and drawstrings. In my book these are perfect for casual summer looks.

The shirt is made of white pique fabric by Italian Gran Sasso. It is a piece that can be worn on its own with some cotton slacks or jeans but it can easily be dressed up by wearing it with a blazer.

white pique shirt with dark blue cotton slacks
White shirt with blue cotton trousers to beat the heat of Paris.
White shirt with blue trousers and sneakers
My favorite bag – Mismo shopper tote.
How to wear white pique shirt
If you are wearing you shirt without a jacket, try to roll up the sleeves.
Uniqlo chinos with white pique shirt
Just chilling in the park after some shopping.
White shirt with blue cotton chinos details
Textures and details.

Day 3 – Polo shirt with suit trousers

As we were heading for a vacation I did not pack any suits with me. I took a couple of casual sport sport coats but didn’t really even use them either. Only when we headed for one a bit more fancy dinner I wore a blazer with button-up shirt and tie.

Despite the fact that I did not take any suit jackets with me I decided to take the trousers of my cotton suit with me. Without the jacket they are in principle like any cotton slacks or chinos. Though the hight waist and double-pleats make the trousers again a bit more refined and distinguishable.

For the third day and browsing around the city I combined the trousers with white polo shirt by Berg&Berg. The shirt is made from long fiber pima cotton. Some say that is the finest cotton in the world. According to Berg&Berg the woven fabric is mercerized to increase richness of colour and luster and to create better resistance to multiple washings. The polo also features a four button placket which makes it look relaxed yet chic in my opinion. This kind of a polo shirt that resembles a so-called popover shirt could also easily be worn under a sport coat. Finally some suede loafers to compliment the look.

White Berg&Berg polo shirt with Sauma mtm trousers and suede loafers
White combined with shades of brown.
White polo shirt with camel colored cotton trousers
When you go fully casual, you opening three buttons of your shirt is appropriate.
White short sleeve polo shirt from Berg&Berg
In terms of polo shirts, pay attention to the collar. Especially if the shirt is made of soft cotton fabric.
Christian Kimber suede loafers with cuffed cotton slacks
My go-to loafers by Christian Kimber.

Day 4 – terry cloth polo shirt

For the last day of strolling around Paris and for traveling back home I again wanted something as comfy as possible. And ended up again combining white and blue. Both parts of the outfit I actually bought from Paris. The already mentioned Uniqlo trousers and the toweling cloth polo shirt by Vilebrequin.

As a sum-up, as you can see, the white shirt can be combined in many ways. And it can be much more than that classic white button-up shirt with french cuffs to combine with your business suit. I have many times said that in terms of more dressed up button-up shirts the first five shirts should be white. And I think that same rule applies for the casual shirts as well.

So make sure you have your white shirt game covered.

White terry jersey polo shirt
Toweling cloth shirts are trending. For a casual polo shirt that is a perfect material.
White toweling cloth polo shirt with dark blue trousers
If you choose a shirt with visible logo, make sure that it is restrained and indistinguishable.
White terry jersey cloth polo shirt details
Textures of white terry cloth polo shirt.