Windowpane suit – Business casual

Posted by Atte Rytkönen on 24.3.2016 in General

Windowpane suits and windowpane pattern are back in business. Today I take a look at how to make this bold pattern appropriate to wear for your daily work occasions.

Windowpane check takes its name from the window-like wide square plaid pattern. The pattern is formed by two perpendicular pinstripes. First of all windowpane check has generally been considered as a choice for more casual occasions. On the other hand the windowpane pattern was earlier associated with the English upper class. Think for example British hunting tweeds or double-breasted suits featuring this bold pattern. Therefore windowpane has also been seen as a part of bold, powerful looks.

Today this strong geometric pattern is an appropriate choice for any men looking for a new suit to wear at the office. Or looking for a suit to wear at business meetings.

Windowpane suit with striped shirt and brown grenadine tie
Shades of brown – oatmeal windowpane suit with brown grenadine tie and brown striped shirt.

Windowpane Suit – fresh option to wear at work

Are you looking for a suit with some kind of a pattern to add in your rotation? Take a look at windowpane. Pulling off windowpane pattern is in fact easier than you might think. Important thing is to balance the attire with smaller scale patterns like stripes or dots. But even with windowpane I would keep in mind the general rule. Never more than three different patterns in one outfit. Wearing a windowpane suit also gives a nice opportunity to play with different kind of textures.

And keep this in mind. You don’t need a ton of windowpane in your closet. In fact one jacket or a suit that can be worn separately will keep you covered. If you are a conservative guy looking for a little variation to your business wardrobe, I suggest to try a grey or navy suit with a subtle pencil-line windowpane. In case you want to be bolder, try a suit with thicker pattern. For summer lighter shades of blue is a recommendable option. In terms of fabrics I recommend linen.

Brown wool windowpane suit with Omega seamaster watch
Time for some after work play?
Windowpane suit with grenadine tie
No more than three different pattern to one outfit.

Light brown windowpane suit by Vaatturiliike Sauma

I bought the windowpane suit featured here from Sauma in January. It is a sample piece from their made-to-measure supplier. At that time I was looking for one more suit to wear at Pitti Uomo. When I saw this one I thought it might be just what I needed. The only problem was that it was size 48 and in the first place it looked a bit big. But once again it was proven that the most important thing in terms of fit is shoulders. If the jacket fits your from the shoulders other parts can quite easily be altered.

Wearing windowpane suit with brown tie

First of all the jacket was shortened from the hem a couple of centimeters. In addition the waist of the jacket was taken in a bit and trousers needed to be shortened and narrowed. Finally as always the sleeves needed to be shortened. And because of working buttons that needed to be done from the shoulder. Therefore as you can see the pattern matching is not as perfect and complete as it should be. This is a problem you need be able to live with in case you have short hands but you still want to use jackets featuring patterns.

Brown grenadine tie and woolen pocket square

For this ensemble I wanted to keep the color scheme quite monochromatic. Therefore I chose brown striped shirt and brown grenadine tie to highlight the light brown or oatmeal shades of the jacket. Finally I took a brown Drake’s of London unicorn pocket square and dark brown calf leather oxfords by Crockett&Jones. As you can see here it is definitely possible and in fact rather easy to create business appropriate outfits around brown color.

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Vaatturiliike Sauma windowpane suit