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DLA featured @ Monsieur Fox series "A look into"

mittatilauspuku herrainpukimo mittapuku herrainpukimo - 2 Pocket square details Monsieur Fox Pocket square Monsieur Fox

Pocket square Monsieur Fox

Pictures shown above are a throwback from last spring (from review how to wear blue&burgundy) but the reason for posting them again is really the pocket square I am wearing in those pics. A pocket square by The Monsieur Fox.

Recently I got the honor to be featured at their series called "A look into" and answer a few questions about my personal style. If you haven't yet read it, check it out at Monsieur Fox website.

And also take a look at earlier posts featuring some accessories from the this company that wants to offer those little pieces of "Everyday Elegance" to every man's life.

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