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Polo shirt – Men’s summer style essential

Polo shirt is one of the most classic pieces in men's summer wardrobe. Today it is again more current and you could say also more trendy than for a long time. In this post I take a look why.There might have been times that the polo shirt has not received the attention it merits. But based on the collections and street style shots seen during the recent seasons it seems that polo shirts (in various forms) are back again. One of the reasons for the popularity is probably the simplicity and versatility of the shirt. As the summer keeps coming it's a good time for a few words about polo shirts. This post is originally from 2015 but I have...

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Made-to-measure suit - process of buying a custom suit

What you need to know when you are about to buy a made-to-measure suit? What is the difference between a bespoke suit and mtm-suit? In this post I try to give you detailed look to the process of buying a made-to-measure suit. In addition I go through what points you should consider in that process. As most of Finnish menswear-stores such as Sauma and Fere for example are having their seasonal made-to-measure campaigns at the moment, I decided to update the post. Plain gray, brown or blue is always a good choice. Fitting of the suit Details chosen and that€™s it? Not quite. Delivery of a made-to-measure suit normally takes about four to six weeks. When the suit arrives, it€™s...

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Shawl collar cardigan - a piece for the fall and winter season

Shawl collar cardigan is one of the garments in men's wardrobe that is appropriate around the year. However fall is maybe the most obvious season to wear one. The circular line of the shawl collar nicely frames the face and protects the neck. And the body of the knit keeps you comfortable and warm. As the fall is really here it is good time to update the write-up regarding this iconic piece. The update is also timely because a couple of months ago I got myself a new shawl collar cardigan. And it seems that my personal search for the right piece has come to an end. How to wear a shawl collar cardigan? In general shawl collar cardigan is...

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Royal blue suit - 3 different ways to wear

I have written a lot about blue suits. Maybe because many of my suits are blue. And that is the easiest and most versatile color for men to wear. But in this post I take look at a bit different shade of blue. Here I give you three ways to wear the royal blue suit, which is particularly good choice for summer and early fall season. You know, that in case you only have one blue suit in your wardrobe, make sure that it is dark in color. And make sure, it is timeless in style when it comes to pattern and details. But after that first suit the selection and possibilities to choose from are endless. Royal blue is a...

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Suit without a tie - go casual

I don't often wear suit without a tie. But sometimes it is in place to do so. In this post I take look how to wear a suit without tie and what things you need to consider when you do so. When you wear a business suit - you should wear a tie. That's a rule one should follow almost all times. Only in case you are wearing a very light weight and unstructured suit you can try and leave out the tie. And do that only for some casual office day purposes. But in case you are wearing a classic business suit for formal occasions, wear a tie with it. Especially if the suit features padded shoulders, ticket pocket, heavy...

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