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How to wear parka jacket - Aspesi Lambrettone

Are you looking for a decent parka jacket? Something you could wear with denim and chunky knitwear. Something that would be casual enough but still appropriate to wear in the city and even for work. For this purpose I ended up buying Aspesi Lambrettone parka jacket. In this post I take a closer look of the jacket and how to wear a parka jacket in general. As the weather is getting colder and colder I decided to update the original post from couple of years back. align="alignnone" Wearing Aspesi Lambrettone parka jacket Aspeso olive green parka jacket with chunky roll neck sweater.

Aspesi Lambrettone - casual but chic 

The Aspesi lambrettone jacket could be described as an Italian interpretation of a classic military parka jacket. The shell of the jacket is made of microfiber (nylon) which is treated in a way that the jacket looks a bit washed / used already when purchased. In terms of fit Lambrettone is loose and cozy but still slim in silhouette. It is definitely not too baggy or loose. The fact that the coat features a detachable thermore liner makes it suitable to wear for almost through all seasons. By removing the liner it transforms from a winter overcoat into the perfect lightweight parka. Although you need to keep in mind that in case the temperature goes way below zero degrees you might want to add a couple of layers and some heavier knitwear under the jacket. Aspesi Lambrettone parka jacket with Gran Sasso knitwear

How to wear a parka jacket

In case you are looking for a new parka jacket the first thing to consider is for what kind of use are you looking the coat for. Secondly you need to think what kind of is the climate you are living in. And finally you need to keep on mind what kind of clothes you are willing to combine the parka with. Read more about parka jackets in general from my earlier post. Military green Aspesi Lambrettone parka jacket with light colored denim As said Lambrettone is a modern interpretation of a classic army parka. It's not really meant to be used with a suit or with a button-up and tie. It is not that kind of a coat what I've called with a term #menswear-parka. Although in some circumstances I believe it is possible to pull this jacket off even by combining it with a nice blue flannel suit for example. In my opinion the Lambrettone is at its best when you wear it casually. Pair it for example  with some denim, chunky knitwear and casual boots. The military green color is easy to pair with different shades of blue or brown or the classic gray. As I've now got mine I'm not surprised that even Scott Schumann of The Sartorialist has been wearing his piece with joy since early 2013. Wearing a parka jacket - Aspesi Lambrettone

Aspesi Lambrettone parka with casual knitwear and denim

As you can see, here I have paired the jacket with a vintage-wash merino wool roll neck sweater and light colored / washed denim jeans. The suede chukka boots by Sutor Mantellassi I bought from Florence a couple of years ago. Despite the quite aggressive last they are also easy and compatible to wear in more casual combinations such as this. For me this kind of combination is the most optimal for this kind of a parka jacket. However I have used the jacket of course in other combinations as well. Another ensemble to wear the jacket could be for example:
  • light colored cotton slacks
  • brown roll neck sweater
  • soft unstructured blue sport coat
Aspesi lambrettone parka jacket details Sutor Mantellassi chukka boots

Sum up - where to find Aspesi Lambretto parka

It seems that it's not that easy to find the Lambrettone at the moment. But for this season Aspesi actually have come up with an evolved version of the jacket. It's just a little shorter than Lambretto and it is called Parkettone parka jacket.  So if you want to find a piece try that name instead of Lambretto. Even though it seems to be quite tough to find any, there might be some left at Aspesi web store. In addition Frans Boone has a nice version of this Parkettone jacket for this season. And finally I recommend to take a look the post about this same jacket at Gran Sasso roll neck sweater with parka jacket - Aspesi Lambrettone Original post 2/2015 - updated 2016

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