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Bastong - outstanding outerwear

Korean brand Bastong was established in 2011. The company started as non-seasonal brand focusing on outerwear but has nowadays expanded their range to cover full range of clothing and accessories. Today taking a bit closer look of the brand and their selection for the season.

I came across Bastong for the first time in June 2013 as I walked through their booth at Pitti Uomo. At that time they had five overcoats to present, nothing more. But those five jackets were right on point and the selection seemed to be perfectly deliberated. As mentioned, Bastong considered and still considers itself as a "non-seasonal" brand. What that means is the company focuses on certain garments which they offer year round. But they do not produce seasonally changing collections in a way most brands do.Bastong SS16 - outerwear presented at Pitti Uomo 88

Bastong jackets at Pitti Uomo 88 last June.

The best way to look at this is that they offer a starter kit for anyone looking for to build stable and steady base for his own (casual) style. Especially in terms of outerwear Bastong basically offers every piece of outerwear a man needs. There are parka jackets, rain macs, peacoats, anoraks, even some trench coats and down jackets. What Bastong is doing right in my opinion is that they haven taken these classic models – which of many are inspired by military background – and made simple yet personal interpretations of them. There are no unnecessary pockets or other specialties but every detail has been chosen with the utmost care. The garments feature clean lines, high quality materials and careful finishing. And in the end that’s all you need.

Bastong SS16 - outerwear presented at Pitti Uomo 88

Bastong theme – “Good product with Good care will Last forever”

According to their own words Bastong focuses on producing finely built cloth and creating a superb fit. The main goal is to be renowned as a perfect garment brand concentrating on manufacturing simple but high quality garments. And this is also shown at the motto of the company – “Good products with good care will last forever”. This is actually something everyone should remember. First of all one always needs to pay attention to the quality of the garments one is buying. But even the best pieces of clothing or footwear will not last if you do not take good care of them. The idea and motto is also nicely shown in the garments as every jacket also features a care label for the product, although those instruction are not meant to be taken too seriously.

All Bastong products are made in Korea. Fabrics are mainly sourced from UK and Italy and hardware pieces such buttons and zippers come from Japan. It is commonly said that in the end it’s all about the details. Well, the details of Bastong garments have clearly been calculated to near-perfection. Even the smallest stitches, seams, buttons and buckles are finished with care and quality.

Bastong jacket 005 in detail

Bastong model 005 in detail.

Bastong fall and winter 2015

For fall and winter 2015 Bastong has also come up with their first proper look book. To put it shortly, the look book is casual and simple yet refined. Just like the clothes made by Bastong. The inspiration and influence from traditional Americana is clearly visible. Color scheme is earthy featuring mainly shades of brown, gray, blue and green. For this season Bastong has also expanded their coverage from outerwear to knitwear, blazers, trousers, shirts and accessories. So basically they are now offering the whole range of menswear.

In terms of the collection and Bastong garments it is remarkable that the pieces are rather versatile. In general the selection is casual. And so is the look book. There are cozy and more robust knitwear combined with cotton slacks made of thicker cotton fabrics and denim combined with Paraboot shoes for example. The outerwear pieces are also at their best when worn casually. On the other hand however there are multiple pieces such as flannel slacks and unstructured sport coats that are perfectly suitable for office wear combined with button-up shirts, ties and laced-up shoes. And even the knitwear and trousers can be dressed-up by the right choices if so wanted. The fit is also a bit more loose and relaxed rather than fitted or skinny. But still it is not too baggy in any matter.

Check here for the full look book Bastong fw15 lookbook - knitted vest

Bastong FW15 – simple and casual.

Bastong fw15 lookbook - knitted sleeves cardigan with denim

Denim with knitted sleeves cardigan and Paraboot shoes.

Bastong fw15 lookbook - shawl collar cardigan

Shawl collar cardigan is a piece that can easily be dressed up or down.

Bastong fw15 lookbook - roll neck sweater with cotton chinos

Chunky roll neck sweater with cotton chinos – in earthy tones.

Bastong fw15 lookbook - gray crew neck sweater

Keep it simple.

Bastong fw15 lookbook - crewneck wool sweaters

Very effortless and minimalistic casual style.

Bastong fw15 lookbook - waxed cotton jacket

Waxed cotton jacket for fall and warm winter days.

Bastong fw15 lookbook - casual style denim with waxed cotton jacket

5/5 casual styling.

Bastong fw15 lookbook - versatile waxed cotton jacket

Waxed cotton field jacket combined with flannel and cotton slacks – works for both styles.

Bastong fw15 lookbook - classic parka jacket

Bastong model number 004 – The Pioneer. Classic parka jacket.

Bastong fw15 lookbook - Flannel slacks combined in different ways

How about combining your flannel slacks with sneakers? Or just go with classic lace-up bluchers.

Bastong fw15 lookbook - quilted jackets for the season

For this season Bastong has also created some very nice quilted jacket options.

Bastong fw15 lookbook - unstructured blazers

Also new – unstructed blazers with wool-linen mixture fabric. Preppy and casual.

Bastong fw15 lookbook - Casentino wool peacoat

Classic peacoat made of Italian Casentino Wool. With all the iconic details attached.

Bastong fw15 lookbook - down parka jacket for winter

Down parka that will keep you warm even the days get colder. Suitable with more formal garments as well.

Bastong fw15 lookbook - Casentino peacoat details

It's all about the details.  

Coming up - Bastong casentino wool peacoat in review

Peacoat is one of those classic outerwear pieces every man should have. If your style is more formal peacoat is not the first jacket you should go for. But if you prefer more casual, Bastong-kind-of appearance, peacoat is definitely an option worth to consider. I personally haven't had a peacoat for years now. I've been looking for one but haven't really found the right one. However for this fall Bastong came up with a very classic looking peacoat that got my attention. Although there is one detail that differs this particular jacket from many other. And that is the material. In terms of fabric Bastong has decided to go for casentino wool. And that was a final touch for me so I needed to pull the trigger. The jacket is still at my tailor as it needs a few alterations. After I have got it back there will be a full review featuring examples of how to wear a classic peacoat.

And the man and mastermind himself behind Bastong, Mr Alt is having his birthday today, so congratulations my friend! Keep up the good work!

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