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Perfect overcoat for winter - Nordic edition

How can you find the perfect overcoat? This is a broad question. But every now and then I come up with question such as "what is the best overcoat for winter". It is clear that the answer depends for example on the budget and intended use. But in this post I will try to come up with a few choices for different categories and occasions. First of all, remember one thing. Dressing up is always in context with the climate and environment you live in. If you happen to live in Finland or in the Nordic countries, the requirements of outdoor garments are a bit different than in case you happen to live in Italy for example. Blue double-breasted overcoat for winterOvercoat for winter - white casentino and brown double-breasted wool.brown wool overcoat with gray flannel trousersBrown wool overcoat for winterMilitary green down parka jacket for casual wearOvercoat for winter - Navy blue casentino wool peacoat with a double-breasted suit The casual peacoat combined with more formal double-breasted suit at Pitti Uomo last January.

Parka jacket

I have one casual parka jacket in my rotation and that is the Aspesi Lambrettone parka jacket. I have said that it could be described as an Italian interpretation of a classic military parka. This kind of a jacket is at its best when you wear it casually. Pair it for example with some denim, chunky knitwear and casual boots. The military green color is easy to pair with different shades of blue or brown or the classic gray. best-overcoat-for-winter-aspesi-olive-green-parka-jacket

Down parka jacket

If the Lambrettone parka for example seems too casual, there are options that are more appropriate to wear with more dressed-up combinations. For those cases the so-called €œcity parka€ jackets are appropriate. In this category the Woolrich Arctic Parka jackets and Canada Goose parka jackets are one of most best looking options. In terms of color bet on dark blue.



And then there is the peacoat. Most of pea coats are quite short, so in case you are looking for a coat to wear over a blazer or suit jacket, be sure that the overcoat covers the hem of your blazer. To make your pea coat a bit €œchic€ - go for a version that features a shearling lapels such as the pictured Private White V.C. peacoat. Or invest in a peacoat made of casentino wool such as the one by Bastong I personally have. best-overcoat-for-winter-private-white-vc-peacoat-with-sherling-collar

Sum up - how to take care of your overcoat

One of the most important things when it comes to your wardrobe is to take good care of your clothes. As a sum-up I give you a list of six points to keep in mind. This is how you take care of your jackets.
  1. Always hang you coat on a strong wooden hanger with broad, contoured shoulder pieces. And let t hang freely.
  2. Brush you coat frequently to remove the dust and any organic particles.
  3. If you get any spills or stains, have them spot-cleaned immediately
  4. Steam your coat whenever it starts to look limp. If you don't have a garment steamer, have it done professionally. Another option is to hang the jacket in the bathroom while you take a shower.
  5. Dry-clean you overcoat a maximun of only one time in a year. Do at the end of season before you store your jacket.
  6. For a long-term storage, put the overcoat in a full-lenght, breathable-fabric garment bag.

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