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I’ve often said that one of the best things in blogging and #menswear is meeting and get to know new people and making new friends of them. But I guess even better thing is seeing those people make their dreams come true while creating new brands, products or projects. And doing it by taking “the leap of faith” that most people would just dream of…

At the moment I’m more happy to share with you the fact that one of the people I’ve got to know during the last couple years, Miguel of Beyond Fabric (which in fact is one of the most versatile #menswear blogs imo) has finally got the online store for his brand open and running. Check it out!

Capes are the next big thing?

It was already seen at Pitti Uomo last January that capes are gonna get more popular in the future. In the pics from the streets of Florence we were also able to take a look at the first designs of what now is the “core” of Beyond Fabrics selection.

Inspired by the traditional century-old capes worn by shepherds in Southern Portugal the capes by beyond fabric feature handcrafted vest-like construction with two top layers draping over for a trademark aesthetic. The tight weave on the fabric makes it both wind and waterproof.

I’m not sure if I were ever able to pull of this kind of a cape but still I’m looking forward to get one of these myself. I’m sure this would be a perfect choice for Finnish fall and winter.



Tees, polos and sweaters

In addition to the capes the selection of Beyond Fabric at the moment covers three different t-shirts, one polo shirt and a sweater. All these are made in collaboration with FUSS, a project Miguel is also part of.

Earlier in the summer Miguel was kind enough to send me one of his polo shirts for a try. What I like about it’s the fact that it’s made of kind of “t-shirt” material (cotton) and the feeling is even more relaxed and casual than while wearing some “normal” polo shirts. A good choice for more “laid-back” days during summer.





Finally a shout-out and gongrats to Miguel! Looking forward to see you in Florence in January!

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