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Wearing blue and burgundy

How can a man combine blue and burgundy? In terms of business wear this is actually one of the most restrained and viable combination. Today I give you an example. I am wearing my new mtm-suit - made of blue Vitale Barberis fabric featuring very subtle black over check with some burgundy & deep reddish accessories.
Burdungy grenadine tie with blue suit and white shirt

How to wear burgundy accessories?

When it comes to accessories and color choices, I think burgundy (or wine read) is one of the most undervalued options. Especially for ties burgundy is a versatile option. It can basically be worn year-round no matter the season, although it works especially well during fall and winter. It is also easy to combine with different shades blue, brown, grey and even with black.

I am not usually that much of a friend for red in terms of accessories. But as you can see here, the deep red of the pocket square works nicely and well with the blue in the suit and burgundy tie.

When choosing a burgundy tie, my personal preference is to wear ties that have a little texture or a very little and small pattern. For example grenadine or raw silk is a perfect material choice for a burgundy tie.

Dark blue suit with white shirt and burgundy tie is classic business attire.

Dark blue suit with white shirt and burgundy tie is totally appropriate for business occasions.

Burgundy grenadine tie with blue suit details - Omega Geneve on my wrist

Taking a photo of my photographer… Maybe at some point we will change places so that she is in front of the camera more often.

Burgundy grenadine tie with blue suit - pocket square details

Close-up and details of my new Monsieur Fox pocket square. One of the negative sides when folding a pocket square like this to your pocket is that you can’t see the beautiful prints that are on it.

Burgundy grenadine tie with blue suit - Pocket square by Monsieur Fox

Close-up and details of my new Monsieur Fox pocket square – part II

Burgundy grenadine tie with double four-in-hand knot

Burgundy grenadine with double four-in-hand knot

Details - Vintage Omega Geneve watch

Vintage Omega Genevé.

Alfred Sargent blue two-tone double monks

With this combination I feel my MTO-single monks by Alfred Sargent are the best possible choice. The blue in the suit works seamlessly together with the midnight blue calf leather and suede featured in the shoes.

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