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Cotton suit jacket and denim slacks

Starting the week with a few sneak peak shots from last weekend... Later this week  I will come up with some more detailed thoughts about cotton suits, their versatility and how to wear a (camel colored) cotton suit - as a suit and separately. Wearing a Sauma Private Label jacket (part of a suit) and dark blue denim slacks from Finealta. The light blue striped oxford cloth shirt is from Herrainpukimo and cognac colored calf leather double-monks made by Cheaney for Shipton&Heneage. Knitted tie also made by Sauma and pocket contrast border pocket square from Berg&Berg.

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Blue suit with green knitted tie

Today was just another day after vacation back at the office. Even though not that much meetings on the schedule yet - it feels good to be back in the game. This is what I mainly wear to work, softly tailored suit, button-up shirt and a tie. This time I chose to wear blue mtm-suit with restrained black overcheck. Blue suit with green knitted tie In my opinion knitted ties are a good choice to wear at the office. Especially if you have a bit more casual day. I wear here a dark blue suit in lightweight wool, striped shirt and bottle green knitted. Finally I added a bit of color in a form of flower-patterned pocket square and as the...

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Wearing blue and burgundy

How can a man combine blue and burgundy? In terms of business wear this is actually one of the most restrained and viable combination. Today I give you an example. I am wearing my new mtm-suit - made of blue Vitale Barberis fabric featuring very subtle black over check with some burgundy & deep reddish accessories. How to wear burgundy accessories? When it comes to accessories and color choices, I think burgundy (or wine read) is one of the most undervalued options. Especially for ties burgundy is a versatile option. It can basically be worn year-round no matter the season, although it works especially well during fall and winter. It is also easy to combine with different shades blue, brown, grey...

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2014 - Checked details

Yesterday was quite a normal day at the office - wearing a dark blue suit made of Vitale Barberis featuring black subtle overcheck, minimal structure, soft shoulders and two patch pockets. More about the suit, which was and mtm-order via Herrainpukimo (Turku) coming up later as there are still some amendments that need to be make after I’ve a few more wears for it. An old denim shirt by Schoffa (mtm) and a woven end on end checked silk tie in navy and white from Drake’s London. The tie is actually one of the only “basic silk” ties I still keep in my rotation. Easy to knot and suitable for not just business but also for more formal occasions as well. Suede double...

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