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Borgioli Fratelli shoes @ Pitti Uomo.

Borgioli Fratelli was the first stand I actually stopped to check out and to take some pictures during our visit at Pitti. A brand and shoemaker from Tuscany that is not that well-known for many but which has been making beautiful and personal handcrafted shoes for its customers since 1946.

In these shoes traditional constructions are combined with high-quality materials and attention to detail.  In the collection there are many eye catching details such as interchangeable buckles with matching belts, unusual shapes with unusual colors and soft oxfords made of drum-dyed calfskin, decorated with the Fratelli Borgioli fleur-de-lis in natural leather.

S/S ´13 collection includes following 6 different lines.


Derby/blucher model with an edgy, youthful look. Made of natural white calfskin and patent leather in bold colors. Wavy microsole with colored midsole and leather welt.


Made of blue, yellow, grey or green suede with a showy, customizable buckle made of colored leather. The buckle can be removed changed.


A cross between a moccasin and a walking shoe, with a leather insole that ensures comfort and practicality.


Ankle boot made of soft drum-dyed calfskin, with a lightweight, shaped microsole and leather welt. These comes in colors of turquoise, amaranth, green and natural.


Ribbed microsole with bevelled sides. Two-tone edging with hallmark handsewn braid.


Oxford shoes with airport-friendlyelastic laces, in blue leather with a "starry-sky" effect.

Finally, Mr. Giacomo Fioravanti who I met during our visit was kind to answer couple questions related to Borgioli shoes and himself.


Q: Describe Fratelli Borgioli shortly in three words?

A: Quality €“ Service €“ Styling

Q: Your earliest memory related to shoemaking?

A: Fratelli Borgioli shoes have been made from 1946, since my grandfather and his brother started the company after the war. Since I was 1 years old, I used to stay on the table where shoes are finished. And I used to play among the boxes of the shoes ready to ship. When I was older, during the summer holiday, I used to work in the factory, for understanding all the difficulties of making a shoe.

Q: What’s the inspiration behind the S/S ´13 Fratelli Borgioli Collection?

A: The driving themes for the collection are experimentation, innovation and time-honored tradition.

Thank you Giacomo!

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