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Bow-Tie shoes @ Pitti Uomo 84

One of the best things of visiting Pitti is finding brands you haven't been aware of earlier. Or brands of which you've maybe heard sometimes but don't really have much info about. One of the less-known brands I came up with this time was a Spanish shoe brand Bow-Tie.

Bow-tie shoes - inspired by British tradition and heritage

Bow-Tie is a Spanish brand and manufacturer that finds inspiration from the British tradition and heritage. In terms of shoes Bow-Tie shoes have three different lines. First of all there's Premium Gold Series which consists of shoes made exclusively of shell cordovan leather by Horween. Second one is Classic line that includes various versions of dress shoes in different leathers and models with the goodyear welt-construction. Thirdly there's Vintage which is a more "young" and casual line with usually lighter construction an lower-cut shoes such as moccasins and espadrilles. In the vintage line there are also some models for women. The shoes are made partly in England and partly in Spain. As I was walking by their booth my attention was caught especially by their slippers and loafers. I was in particular delighted by their new "Henry" model. Henry is a loafer inspired by the classic belgian loafer and comes in various different leather and pattern options. In camouflage as well of course. In case you want to be extremely "personal" you can also have the slippers with your own monogram. At the moment Bow-Tie has their shops only in Spain; in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao. In addition, if you're lucky you can find them from some department stores around the world. They don't yet have a webshop but it's coming. In case you're interested, you can just drop them an email (or even call) to make an order. Bow-tie shoes - suede belgian loafers Bow-tie Shoes - light colored belgian loafersBow-Tie shoes - camouflage Belgian loafers Bow-Tie shoes - velvet slippersBow-tie Shoes - velvet slippers with tassels Braided leather slippersBraided leather tassel loafers Bow-tie shoes - selection of laced-up broguesBow-tie shoes - selection of laced-up brogues II Bow-tie shoes - co-respondent derby shoesBow-Tie shoes - camouflage longwing brogues Bow-tie Shoes - leather brogue tassel loafersSuede tassel loafers Bow-Tie shoes - espadrillesEspadrilles part II Bow-Tie shoes - inspired by British heritage

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