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Briefcase for business

A man who wears a suit for work or who needs to carry a laptop and a bunch of papers from one meeting to another simply needs a bag. But what kind of a bag? Some may value a back bag or some kind of a tote for example but for most of men the choice is a briefcase of some kind. And what kind of briefcase for business should you choose? Frank Clegg brown leather briefcase "25-hour Palissy briefcase" by Oppermann London is a great option for short business trips but it might be a bit too big to serve as a daily work-briefcase.

Sum up - 5x briefcase for business

There are multiple good options for those looking for that perfect briefcase. In the end it comes down to personal preferences. If you haven't yet found the right one for yourself, here are five different kind of briefcases to help you to find your favorite. Oppermann London Vallance briefcase

1) Oppermann London Vallance

"The Vallance" briefcase by Oppermann London is based on the design of their earlier briefcase Goswell. It has been modified by adding a pair of handles and increasing the size a bit to make it more versatile to use. The briefcase is made from fine vegetable tanned leather and lined with contrasting red heavy drill cotton. If you are looking for something more unique, Oppermann London just recently launched a new version of the Vallance Briefcase. It is a version made of natural leather. The leather is uncolored and unfinished, meaning it is very sensitive and will develop a beautiful patina quickly. After a few days in the sun the leather will start to darken. After years of use the hue will resemble the Cognac colour shown above. Ettinger leather briefcase portfolio

2) Ettinger Bakerloo

Dark brown leather zipped portfolio case which opens top and side is from Ettinger's Metropolitan Collection. The spacious internal compartment contains two pockets that hold for example A4 papers. There are also four additional pockets for smaller documents, smartphones, wallets and credit cards. The zip closes with a brass lock to guarantee complete security of contents.  Ghurka leather briefcase

3) Ghurka Expediter

Introduced in 1979, the Expediter attaché case by Ghurka is as modern as it is classic. The bag is an option for those who are looking for that kind of vintage feeling. But who still want something featuring the utmost quality. This bag combines leather and canvas pretty much perfectly. Bonastre light brown leather briefcase

4) Bonastre D5

The environmental-friendly collection by French company Bonastre has been exclusively handcrafted by using the most natural and non-treated cattle hides. And the manufacturing is done according to ancient vegetable process based on oak bark and olive oil finishing instead of the commonly used but highly contaminating chromium tanning. The D5 business bag is aesthetically one of the nicest (and most chic) choices on the market I've come across. Mismo Morris briefcaseMismo Morris briefcase black

5) Mismo Morris

Last but not least, Mismo offers a "classic" version that has timeless, sleek design and is that is destined to become a companion that goes wherever you do. Padded compartment for your laptop, inside pockets to store things such as mobile phones, business cards and stationary, a key ring and additional zip pocket. My personal favorite.

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