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5 x brown boots for the fall

Last weekend of August means that fall approaches. It is slowly time to start looking for more autumnal shoes to replace the loafers and lightweight sneakers. Therefore I  decided to take my own selection of boots for fall and winter from closet and give them some little care treatment & polishing. We are soon heading to the season when these pairs gets most of their use in action. In this post post I will shortly just feature these five pairs representing my own rotation. During the next couple of weeks I will come up with more detailed reviews of different type of boots and how to use them. And also as usual I will give some options to take a look at in case you are looking for a new pair of boots. Fall boots for men DressLikeA

Five pairs of boots to cover all occasions

In general these five pairs includes a shoe for pretty much every occasion for fall and winter. Only the most formal ones are excluded as all of the boots you see here are brown in color. So if there's something missing, it would probably be a pair of black dress boot with rubber sole. In addition to the pairs you see here I do have a pair of light sand colored suede chukka boots. That pair nicely complement the selection here. But these five pairs form my personal rotation of boots for fall and winter.
  • The brown balmoral boots by Grenson for work and business
  • Suede chukka boots to wear with denim or flannel trousers
  • Brown jodhpur boots for a bit more casual office days
  • Derby boots for strictly casual occasions
  • Two-tone balmoral boots for occasions that goes beyond the scope mentioned above.
Brown fall boots for men

1) Dark brown suede chukka boots - for work and for casual occasion

Chukka boot is one of the most versatile shoe types there is for men. It is a simple shoe that is easily adaptable for different styles and occasions. Chukka boots can also be considered as one of the only models one can basically wear round  the year no matter the weather. And if you choose a pair made of suede, the possibilities for different kind of use are even wider. This pair by British Loake is suitable not only for casual but also for a bit more business oriented use. Pair these for example with grey flannel trousers, light blue button-up shirt, shantung tie and a sport coat. Fall boots for men - dark brown suede chukka boots Loake Pimlico

2) Derby boots

Bexley is not the most famous or well-known manufacturers on the market. But for anyone who is building up a shoe rotation and looking for a pair of casual boots it is definitely an option worth taking a look. These kind of brown calf leather derby boots are perfect to wear for example with denim and chunky knitwear during fall and winter. The quality of Bexley shoes is good. And the price-quality ratio of the shoes is in my opinion better thand good. The leathers the company uses are pretty thick. Which is good, if you think about boots like this. In terms of lasts and shape the selection differs quite a lot. But by careful selection and by bypassing the pointy "Italian" models there are plenty of good choices in terms of entry-level footwear. Fall boots for men - brown calf leather derby boots bexley

3) Brown jodhpur boots

My other pair of Bexley boots. I think Jodhpur boots in general are pretty hard to pull off and I wouldn't recommend anyone to purchase a pair in case you do not have your boot basics already covered. Recently I've started to like these more and more again and they've earned a place as my more casual go-to-pair, paired usually with denim and roll neck sweaters. Fall boots for men - Brown jodhpur boots Bexley

4) Brown calf leather balmoral boots

Balmoral boots are simply oxford shoes in the form of boots. In fact, while standing up they pretty much give the look like any other pair of oxford dress shoes. Only when you're sitting down or pull up your cuffs other people will realize them to be boots. Still they will give your ankles protection against wind and slush while walking on the streets. Therefore balmoral boots are a great choice to replace your basic oxfords during fall and winter. In my opinion balmoral boots are at their best when made for a bit more sleek and slender last. The pair pictured is made by British Grenson for Italian Mauro Volponi. The boots are made of high quality brown calf leather on the old Grenson masterpiece standards. Perfect pair to combine with suits or more formal flannel slacks and wear at work. Fall boots for men - calf leather balmoral boots Grenson masterpiece

5) Two-tone balmoral boots - combining calf leather and suede

This pair is in fact my first ever pair of made-to-order shoes. The boots are made by British Alfred Sargent to their old handgrade standards.. The pair is made by combining espresso colored calf leather and purple suede. The last is quite sleek and in my opinion these are at their best with well-fitted dark blue or light grey wool trousers. I admit that on contrary to some of the above mentioned pairs, these are not the most versatile pair of boots. But still this is maybe the one pair I like the most. These are made just for me. I do not recommend anyone to achieve a pair of boots like this or the jodhpur boots before you've covered the staple basics. But I do courage you at some point to have something special. Something that will make you smile and feel good every time you look at the pair. Alfred Sargent mto balmoral boots Fall boots for men - two-tone balmoral boots Alfred Sargent

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