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Chelsea boots - versatile choice for casual wear

Chelsea boots are definitely a wardrobe staple. And fall is the main season for these boots. Even though Chelsea boots may not be as famous or popular at the moment than for example chukka boots, they have their place. I decided to update this post from a year ago and bring up some ideas on how to combine Chelsea boots for different kind of occasions. Spanish Carmina makes some of the most nicest Chelsea boot models on the market. The pair in snuff suede featuring dainite soles is a multi-functional choice for anyone looking for something to wear with either jeans or flannel slacks. Picture via Skoaktiebolaget. How to use Chelsea boots In general Chelsea boots are widely versatile and especially great option to...

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Chukka boots for fall

Chukka boot is one of the most versatile shoe types there is for men. A simple shoe that is easily adaptable for different styles and occasions. Chukka boots can also be considered as one of the only models one can basically wear round  the year no matter the weather. Chukka boots are the second in row on my series of reviews regarding fall and winter boots. I personally have two pairs at the moment. One pair made of brown suede by Loake and one in light sand color suede by Sutor Mantellassi. If you are looking for a new pair, chukka boots are definitely an option worth to consider. id="" My old and used Sutor Mantellassi boots. With a little patina...

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Balmoral boots for different occasions

Balmoral (dress) boots are not the most common sight on the streets. But still it is time to give a little more attention to this elegant and smart shoe type. If you wear a suit to work on daily basis, I suggest to have at least a pair of dress boots in your rotation. I start the reviews of fall and winter boots from the formal end of the range. I personally have two pairs at the moment. One pair made of brown calf leather by Grenson and one twot-tone pair made of espresso calf and purple suede by Alfred Sargent. align="alignnone" Antique oak calf mixed with a brown country calf grain shaft by Meermin. Original post from September 2013....

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5 x brown boots for the fall

Last weekend of August means that fall approaches. It is slowly time to start looking for more autumnal shoes to replace the loafers and lightweight sneakers. Therefore I  decided to take my own selection of boots for fall and winter from closet and give them some little care treatment & polishing. We are soon heading to the season when these pairs gets most of their use in action. In this post post I will shortly just feature these five pairs representing my own rotation. During the next couple of weeks I will come up with more detailed reviews of different type of boots and how to use them. And also as usual I will give some options to take a look at...

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Cashmere sport coat - 5 options

Today taking a look of cashmere sport coats. Usually when talking about sport coats, in terms of materials the focus is on wool, cotton and linen or in the mix of these. And there are several reasons for this. But cashmere should not be dropped out of discussions. After all it is a king of cloths. Even though spring and summer collections are already hitting the stores the winter is still on. And even though it seems that we have got some warmer days here in Finland recently I bet there is still some colder weeks coming up. Therefore I decided to make a little update to the post from last winter. Cashmere – what is it all about? To put...

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