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Cashmere sport coat - 5 options

Today taking a look of cashmere sport coats. Usually when talking about sport coats, in terms of materials the focus is on wool, cotton and linen or in the mix of these. And there are several reasons for this. But cashmere should not be dropped out of discussions. After all it is a king of cloths.

Even though spring and summer collections are already hitting the stores the winter is still on. And even though it seems that we have got some warmer days here in Finland recently I bet there is still some colder weeks coming up. Therefore I decided to make a little update to the post from last winter.

How to wear cashmere sport coat - B&Tailor How to wear cashmere sport coat - B&Tailor

Cashmere – what is it all about?

To put it shortly – cashmere wool, usually simply known as cashmere, is a fiber obtained from cashmere goats and other types of goat. In terms of usage the fibres, which are longer, smoother and straighter than sheep’s wool, are removed with a comb from under the goat’s chin, then spun into a filament ready to be woven or knitted. The word “cashmere” comes from Kashmir, a region located in northern India.

Cashmere is one of the most sleek, soft and luxurious natural fibers there is. On the other hand it is also more brittle and vulnerable than many other type of wools. Due to the features mentioned cashmere is mostly used for knitwear as well as for ties and other accessories. However every now and then you can see even track suits made of this fine material. I’m not sure if they would be good to wear at the gym but at least they would make you feel cozy when laying on the couch at home.

Sport coats and blazers (or overcoats) made of cashmere are not cheap. The rather high prices combined with the rather weak resistance (or the prone to wear and tear) is likely to get many suspicious in terms of choosing cashmere as a material for their jacket. However if you are looking something a bit luxurious and you already have more than a few jackets in your rotation cashmere can be a good option. Especially it is advisable to take a look at jackets with cashmere-blends. The little amount (20-30%) of cashmere can bring out the softness and texture of the fabric whereas other fabrics such as wool or cotton will make the jacket to last longer.

Green herringbone cashmere sport coat - B&Tailor

Green herringbone sport coat by B&Tailor. A piece that will make you stand up from the crowd.

5x cashmere sport coat for winter and spring season

As mentioned above most store are already coming up with their collections for spring and summer season. And as you can guess cashmere is not really a material that is used for spring and summer blazers. However as the sales are still going on there is a good chance to make some nice finds. So in case you are looking a new cashmere sport coat or a sport coat featuring at least some amount of cashmere, here are five options to take a look at. Cashmere sport coat - Suitsupply Jort

1) SuitSupply

For those looking a cashmere sport coat on a limited budget, SuitSupply (once again) offers a good choice. Combine this 2-button Jort light brown cashmere jacket for example with some light gray or even off-whtie flannel slacks and dark blue roll neck sweater. A perfect ensemble for a casual dinner or lunch. wool-cashmere sport coat - Oscar Jacobson

2) Oscar Jacobson

Second choice is a double-breasted wool-cashmere sport coat by Swedish Oscar Jacobson. The jacket is half lined and features two patch pockets and double vents. I would personally pair this with some striped button-up shirt, knitted tie, dark blue denim and brown suede footwear. Cashmere-cotton sport coat - Boglioli

3) Boglioli

There is no sport coat or blazer listing without a simple and plain blue option. This time the choice is a bit more casual version, a lightweight sport coat made by Boglioli. The material is 70% cashmere and 30% cotton which makes the jacket appropriate even for a bit more warmer months. Cashmere sport coat - Caruso

4) Caruso

Classic and simple, yet refined jacket by Italian Caruso. Gray, single-breasted 100% cashmere sport coat that can be easily dressed up or down. Pair with dark gray flannel trousers, white button-up shirt, blue cashmere tie and black oxford shoes for a business meeting. And for more casual occasions combine with some relaxed knitwear and light colored lightweight wool slacks.     Cashmere sport coat - Loro Piana

5) Loro Piana

A sport coat for those who are looking some real luxury. Made of 100% baby cashmere this sport coat is cool as hell. Impeccably tailored Loro Piana jacket in baby cashmere, made exclusively from the underfleece of Hircus goat kids. Pair with some alpaca-wool knitwear and well-fitted denim.  

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