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Casual outerwear & cashmere - weekend inspiration

If you wear suits, sport coats through the week, you might want to go for something more relaxed when it comes to weekends. For casual weekend wear there might not be a better combination than denim, cozy knitwear and a waxed cotton jacket. For weekend inspiration a simple kit that will keep you covered through fall weekends. In fact, I am traveling today to Estonia wearing an outfit pretty much like the one here. Outfit for casual weekend - cashmere knitwear with denim and field jacket

Casual outerwear & cozy knitwear

Waxed cotton jacket, cashmere sweater, lightweight denim and classic leather sneakers. That is a simple yet refined combination that you can wear for multiple purposes. And this combination you can build with also with more limited budget. In my opinion a waxed cotton jacket is one of the most versatile pieces for casual fall attires. For example the Barbour Bedale SL is a jacket you can wear not with denim and sweaters but also with sport coats and flannel slacks. In terms of outerwear Korean Bastong is another brand that offers interesting and praiseworthy options. The olive green field jacket made of waxed cotton is a perfect overcoat for Scandinavian climate. When it comes to knitwear, playing with colors is appropriate. In fact, if you want to have some contrast or try more bold colors in your outfit, do it with knitwear. However for an outfit like this I would recommend something more restrained. The off-white color is optimal to balance the shades of green and blue. One way to moderate the formality of this kind of outfit is to do it through the shirt you choose. Try a light blue oxford cloth button-down shirt if you want to keep the attire a little dressed-up. If you want to go fully casual, replace it with a t-shirt. And white sneakers are not only for spring and summer. But as the fall arrives, replace the canvas pairs by some classic leather sneakers. They are a bit more warm and also easier to clean-up and keep in shape. Olive green waxed cotton jacket with off-white knitwear Barbour waxed cotton Bedale SL jacket with denim and crew neck sweater Barbour jacket with Ralph Lauren sweater and Superga sneakers Mismo tote bag with Barbour jacket and Ralph Lauren knitwear Barbour Bedale SL with Ralph Lauren knitwear

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