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Chelsea boots - versatile choice for casual wear

Chelsea boots are definitely a wardrobe staple. And fall is the main season for these boots. Even though Chelsea boots may not be as famous or popular at the moment than for example chukka boots, they have their place. I decided to update this post from a year ago and bring up some ideas on how to combine Chelsea boots for different kind of occasions. Chelsea boots with denimchelsea-boots-in-brown-leather-and-polished-yankoChelsea boots - Carmina skoaktiebolaget Spanish Carmina makes some of the most nicest Chelsea boot models on the market. The pair in snuff suede featuring dainite soles is a multi-functional choice for anyone looking for something to wear with either jeans or flannel slacks. Picture via Skoaktiebolaget.

How to use Chelsea boots

In general Chelsea boots are widely versatile and especially great option to wear on weekends. They are suitable to wear on the countryside but also appropriate in the city. Most Chelsea pairs can be combined as well with a pair of jeans than with a suit. The sleek look of Chelsea boots makes them to be at their best when combined with tapered and slim-fitted trousers. This way you maintain sharp overall appearance. It's also very important that the shoe fits you properly and especially sits tight around your ankle. Otherwise your trousers will easily get stuck to them. Chelsea boots are also one of the shoe types beside oxfords where black works well. Especially when you're in the city and wear a nicely fitted suit. On the other hand brown or snuff suede for example will match perfectly with your darker denim.

How to combine Chelsea boots

But how to combine different colored chelsea boots? What colored leather goes with different kind of soles for example? In terms of combining the boots in an appropriate way, it makes a difference whether the boot features a thin leather sole or a more robust dainite sole. Below you can find two alternative sets featuring RM Williams Craftsmen Chelsea boots. The first one is a kit for casual use and the second one a bit more dressed up set, appropriate to wear for work for example. First of all Chelsea boots are a perfect choice when heading for a casual weekend getaway. Pair them with light colored (or dark) denim, chunky roll neck sweater and a field jacket. And you are set. Simple and effective. The same kit would also work with boots featuring lighter shade of brown (tan). How to wear Chelsea boots   If you want to wear chelsea boots with a suit, make sure that you choose something else than those most lightweight pieces made of very thin wool fabrics. Preferably go for a bit heavier flannel with a subtle pattern and clean cut. In addition, in my opinion if you go with chelsea boots, leave the button-up shirt and tie out and go again for a roll neck. But this time choose a piece made of lightweight merino wool. How to wear Chelsea boots with a suit

Sum up - 5x Chelsea boots

There are shoes that are at their best as brand new. Then there are shoes that will just improve with age such as quality wines. Remember to take good care of your shoes but keep in mind that Chelsea boots will definitely just get better with aging and some patina. Finally as usual, five DLA recommendations to help you with the search in this season.   chelsea-boots-carlos-santon-a-fine-pair-of-shoes 1) Carlos Santos Elegant and versatile chelsea boot by Spanish Carlos Santos. The pair is made of dark brown suede with goodyear welted single leather sole. Perfect pair for more a little bit more dressed-up denim slacks.   chelsea-boots-gaziano-girling-burnham-model 2) Gaziano&Girling - Burnhamn Burnham is maybe the most ideal Chelsea Boot in terms of versatility. It's simple and elegant. And it is wearable not only with a your jeans and t-shirt but also with your pinstripe suit. Made of Vintage Oak calfskin. chelsea-boots-herring-shoes 3) Herring - Coltham One of the more afforable options available. This pair by Herring Shoes is made of dark brown waxy leather. The boots feature flexible leather sole with rubber fore for added grip.  chelsea-boots-in-snuff-suede-skolyx 4) Yanko (via Skolyx) Snuff suede chelsea boots with rubber soles by Spanish Yanko. This pair is my personal favorite for the fall. It is perfect for casual combinations and weekend wear. chelsea-boots-rm-williams-craftsman 5) RM Williams - craftsman RM Williams is one the most iconic boot makers on the market. And the craftsman boot is one of the company's most iconic models. A classic choice.   Original post 2015 - updated 2016

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