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Chester Mox bi-fold wallet in mandarina calf

In the end of last year I was contacted by the people at Chester Mox €“ a small American leather goods company that's specialized on producing handmade leather wallets. All their products are made of top quality materials at their own workshop based in Los Angeles, California.They were kind enough to offer me a chance to review some of their products. And as I had been looking for a new decent wallet to replace the old card holders for quite a while, the offer was more than properly placed. Chester Mox Mandarina Calf bi-fold walletChester Mox made to order - initialsChester Mox - wallet dust bag Packed in a nice & simple cardboard case featuring a little cotton bag inside to cover the wallet.[/caption] Chester Mox - packaging

Sum up - What I got?

Before I had seen a lot pictures and read reviews of Chester Mox wallets made of Horween Chromexel or Cordovan or Ilcea Museum calf leathers. Wallets made of these leathers are most of all drastic and "tough". Pieces that are at their best when taken out from your jeans pocket after years of wear and patina. What I got - I believe will also look awesome after years of use and patina. But it differs from the previous at the same way than a pair of John Lobb William double monks differ from a pair of Alden #8 plain toe bluchers, both being the best there is at their own leagues. To put it shortly, the wallet I received is compact, smooth, solid in hand and some might say fancy in a good way. It represents pretty much the qualities I was after in the first place. One thing worth of mention above all is the that when I took the wallet out of it's box the first thing anyone would have paid attention was the quality of the leather. That is impeccable. Smooth and soft but still durable and stable - something one need to feel and see in person to understand. It is a fact that I've only been using the wallet for a bit over a month now. So I won't even try to make any further conclusions but will let time to tell how the leather and the wallet itself will hold and grow up. Based on my short experience the quality of the goods together with overall aesthetics, the wide range of products, customization possibilities and the very reasonable pricing structure they have on place Chester Mox is definitely worth consideration in case you are looking or in need of a new wallet. At the moment, it would actually be the place I would start the search. To find more examples and inspiration regarding the possibilities of customization go and take a look at the blog of Chester Mox where there's plenty of pictures of mto-orders presented. Chester Mox mandarina Calf

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