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Navy blue suit with orange tie and striped shirt

Among all the #menswear-blogs that are mostly concentrated on sharing pictures there are few that still try to keep pushing forward the culture of classic menswear and classic men's clothing by writing and sharing content full of information with a unique take on the subject. is definitely one of those. The blog is fully concentrated on men's classic clothing including comprehensive products reviews, brand introductions, exclusive interviews and in general wall-to-wall information about classic men's clothing.

I've known Ville - the founder of Keikari for a few years now and highly respect and value him for the work he has done and for the passion he has for the subject. I do not know many people who possess as much detailed information in terms of clothing as that guy does.

A while ago Ville asked if I was willing to share some thoughts, answer few questions  and to be featured at Keikari - and well of course I was. Even though it took me quite a while to get the questions answered.

Take a look at the interview (this time in English) and my answers here.

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