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DressLikeA featured @Keikari

DressLikeA (or perhaps it’s more me personally) recently got interviewed and featured at the Finnish blog called Keikari.

The interview is in Finnish so I guess that it’s basically interesting for only the people who can understand the language (in case you don’t want to use google translator)… But at least there’s few pictures.

However I would like say thanks and give a shout out to Ville, the man behind Keikari blog. The blog is fully concentrated on men’s classic clothing including comprehensive products reviews, brand introductions, exclusive interviews (one of the most recent ones featuring Luciano Barbera) and pretty much the more information about classic menswear. I’ve known Ville for quite a while and I highly respect and value him for the work he has done since he started the blog in 2008. 

Just recently Ville started to write the blog in English (bringing new content + translating the old posts), so I suggest you take a look at the blog here.


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