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DressLikeA - Last minute Christmas gift list

Haven’t found a gift yet? A while ago I got an email asking for christmas present tips. So here you go. No matter whether you’re looking something for a boyfriend, husband, father, son or just for yourself, here’s some last minute ideas. Most of the listed items can be found from stores based in Helsinki but there are also some webstore choices included. And of course these are just ideas that you can easily modify for your own purposes.

1) Soft packages…

Considering the weather in Finland, wool beanies, scarves, gloves or for example cashmere socks are always a safe choice. When buying a gift for some else it’s better to keep it simple and understated than trying to “cheer up and come up with something different”.

These Hackett wool beanie (50e) and scarf (110e) from Fere.


2) Gift card…

Maybe not the most personal or original gift to give but does it always have to be? To make it a bit more special, define what the person the gift is given to is able to get with it? Great choice could be for example a gift card including made-to-measure services that will still leave final options open…

Mastai Feretti mtm-shirts (from 190e) - Vaatturiliike Sauma.


3) Small leather goods…

A wallet with clean lines and classical design, made of top quality materials will last for a lifetime. And it will just get better and better during the years of wear.

When it’s about small (or bigger) leather goods, it does not get better than Mismo.

Mismo wallets and key chains from My o My men @ Erottaja 9.


4) Ties & Pocket squares…

No man has too many ties or too many pocket squares. However, it’s not an easy task to pick a tie for someone else if you don’t really know his person and style. With a navy blue you can’t go wrong though. 

Pocket squares are a bit easier and give you more space to go with different preferences. 

Go to check out Schoffa for these squares (25e) and ties (40e). They do also have a webshop.


5) Something to step up the men accessories game…

Watch does not need to be the only accessory of men. Gemstone and leather bracelets from Viola Milano


6) Take grooming and skincare to the next level…

Wanna play it safe?

Pick up something that every man needs every day but make sure that you’re gift is sophisticated, stylish, refined and from the finest range of products available.

This luxurious Taylor of Old Bond Street skincare & shaving kit (360e) from Fere.


7) To keep your man in time…

Watch is for men what jewelry is for women. Consider your choice carefully as it will remind him of you every time he puts it on to his wrist. In this category, there’s no limits regarding the price range…

If you’re looking something simple and classic, check these L&J watches @Opumo.


8) Socks socks socks…

No need to explain this one.. Safe choice, something that’s always needed. Just don’t pick the black ones.

Colorful cotton socks (6 pack - 28e) - Schoffa.


9) Playing the shoe game…

Having racks full of high quality shoes is not worth it if you don’t take care of them.

La Cordonnerie Anglaise Groom valet box from A Fine Pair Of Shoes.


10) “For those who have everything”

Can’t make up your mind as the person you’re looking the gift for already has everything… 

Then you need to go for a something bit more special… Go for soft package that will make the recipient of the gift feel cosy, warm, elegant, luxurious. Something that will make the evenings after long days at work feel a bit more comfortable…

John Smedley merino wool track suit from Vaatturiliike Sauma.


Merry Christmas for everyone!

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