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As the posting frequency has been a bit lower for the last couple of weeks I thought it might be a good time to write a few words about some modifications at the blog I did a while ago. Nothing big but something that hopefully will help you to get more out of the blog.

In terms of browsing I know tumblr is not the best platform one can have and sometimes it can be hard to find for example some older posts one would like to take a look at.

This in mind I have created four different categories of posts that will hopefully help you navigate at the site and keep an eye on subjects and types of posts you are interested. These categories can be found from the top of the page together with some other links - also good to keep in mind.


The first category or type of posts is "Essentials" - including not only posts about seasonal essentials but posts that cover things I personally find essential in terms of menswear and men's clothing. From this category you can for example find the first two parts of the "building up wardrobe"-series.


Secondly there is 5x - a category that consists of posts featuring different kind of listings or introduction of interesting of seasonal pieces - such as 5x white sneakers for spring and summer or 5x chelsea boots. If you have any ideas or hopes of lists you would like to see - don't hesitate to share those and message me.


Could be also be named as "WIWT". So under this category (and the tag "wiwt") you will find the posts featuring my own fit pics, looks and also the monthly instagram-reviews.


Every now and then I get a questions - either via email, instagram or through the "ask me"-feature that can also be found from the top of the site. Every now and then (I promise to at least to try do this more often) I also come up with question round-ups and these posts can all be found from this category "Q&A"

In addition to these categories one can found a link to , the already-mentioned "Ask me…"-feature and a possibility to "subscribe" - which will keep you updated on what's happening on the blog via the RSS-feed.

Finally there is also a link to the "Archive" where one can find all the posts since I started this tumblr-blog on 2011. You can try and search the posts either by monthly (and yearly) basis or by filtering the posts by their type. 

For searching you can also try the search-option (that can be found under the DressLikeA-avatar). This works in a way that it searches posts featuring the "tags" that you have written in the search-section. So you might want to check for the tags in the posts and then use the search to find similar posts featuring the same tags.

If you have any questions - as mentioned I know this platform might not be the most optimal for readers - or you can't find what you are looking for, please let me know for example via the comment (discuss)-section. 

The pics courtesy and taken by Katri Lehtola for the book "Klassikko" by Ville Raivio. More thoughts about the book coming up later.

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