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Featured @ A&H Magazine

Recently I got the honor the be featured at the "A Gentleman Named"-series by A&H Magazine, which is a concept created to shine light on men we believe are stylish, interesting, and talented in their own unique way.

"Launched in May 2010, A&H is a digital magazine dedicated to men who want not only the best out of life but the best out of themselves. We are a collective of men from around the globe, we present unique experiences that span men's style, travel, cuisine, culture, life and goals."

As the introduction text shows A&H is publication dedicated to men's style, travel, culture - and to all other beautiful things in life. And they are really doing what they do with dedication and devotion from the bottom of their hearts. You can read my thoughts here - thanks a lot Corey, Neil, Ryan & all the other guys!  

Pics courtesy of Neil Watson / A&H Magazine and TSBMen.

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