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Winter jacket for Finnish weather?

I recently got this question:

Hey! You know that winter in Finland, especially in Helsinki could be sometimes very cold. I want to have jacket that is same time warm and stylish. I don't like those chesterfield wool coats and other long coats. I'm finding some mid-length jacket that goes with also jeans with brogues and chinos with trainers and so on. You know, "semi-formal". Do you think it could have hood with fur? CG is bit too "outdoor" than "city". What would you suggest? :)

And yes, I definitely know that it can get pretty cold (and windy) every now and then in Helsinki.

The first that comes to my mind could be a basic pea coat, which can be combined with all of those you mentioned. Personally I wouldn't wear with a suit but otherwise, over a sport coat (with cotton slacks or jeans, maybe even flannels) it goes well.


(this one by Loro Piana would be pretty much perfect one) Another option could be a parka jacket and if you're looking something "semi-formal" I think this "Cucinelli inspired" version featuring a fur hood by SuitSupply could be what you're after. It's casual enough to be worn with jeans and brogues but on the other hand it can as well (IMO) be combined with more formal pieces if needed. Another option in the same category would be the Woolrich Blizzard Parka. Also check the Teton Blizzard by Woolrich which is kind of a "GG-like". image image

Third option in my book is a duffle coat. I personally think this is the most casual option of these three but for example a classic Gloverall duffle is definitely warm and appropriate for the purpose you mentioned.

Hope you find some you like.

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