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Wednesday - Q&A round-up

Q: Hi I’m contemplating whether to purchase a pair of Adelaide and I’m toying with either C&J westbourne or AS Moore.. As I know you have both, which one would you choose first and why? A: Well, what you have there is probably the two best alternatives for an adelaide oxford in terms of price range going from 350-500 euros. As you mentioned, I've had both but unfortunately that westbourne pair was too small for me so I had to sell it forward. Those Sargents I've had maybe about three years now and they are to be honest one of my favorite pairs. On the other hand I have a pair of Adelaide oxfords made by Crockett&Jones (for Paul Smith)...

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Sunday - Q&A round-up

As this week's Sunday inspiration a quick Q&A featuring questions I've lately got via messages and email. Sorry that some answers are a bit delayed but I guess better late than never. Q: Hi, really love your blog! Can you tell me some of your favorite online shops or shops that you check frequently? I'm looking for in particular for shops, with a large selection of Lardini jackets. Thanks! A: You can find most of my favorite shops - some of those selling Larding as well -  from this post. In addition I would suggest to check out the shops mentioned here - I just added a few names on the list featured on the post. Hope you find what you are...

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What shops to check for sales?

Someone recently asked me “which web shops do you recommend for the upcoming sale?” Below are listed some that have already started their sales and some that haven’t but are the ones I keep an eye on during the upcoming weeks. Here are only a few and then in the end you will find a couple of links that are worth of taking a look for some more tips in terms of shops and sales to check out. For #menswear Spiga3 / Linnegatan 2 / Rose&Born / Vaatturiliike Sauma / Trunk Clothiers In case looking for a new overcoat, this G.Abo from Spiga3 should be on the list. For casual-wear Frans Boone / End Clothing / Aspecto / Bureau Belfast / My o...

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Christmas day Q&A

It’s again been a while since I last posted any Q&A so I tried to gather some of the questions I’ve got during the last few weeks. There will be some individual questions regarding the upcoming sales and outerwear pieces answered separately during the next couple of days. Q: Found your website when I was looking for retailers who carry The Gigi. Can you help? p.s. love your website A: There’s not that many retailers I would be aware of but here’s a few. Especially BR-online carries pretty wide selection of GIGI but if you are in Europe, there are still some options to check out. Frans Boone Store / Kafka G&B Negozio And then there’s at least Gabucci in Stockholm (and Milord in Florence)...

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Week 45 - Q&A round-up

After a couple of weeks break it’s a good time for a short Q&A round-up before the weekend.  Q: Hi mate! I’m a fan your lifestyle and your fancy blog and insta. I'm planning to come to Helsinki with my girlfriend, can you please give us some advices about bars and cafes? Where you recommend to have breakfast? Maybe some fancy place for lunch? I think only with the advice from insiders you can get the thrill of the city. Thanks a lot! A: Hey mate, hopefully these tips are not too late. In case you need some advice and places in terms of shopping, check the post here. In terms of bars and cafes I’ve listed some places that might be worth to visit and where I...

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