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Hi, where are the best places to shop menswear in Helsinki? Greetings from Tallinn, A

Hey A,

Not sure what kind of stuff you’re looking for but here’s something.

For “classic menswear”

1) Fere located on boulevard (3). You can read something more from this post. 

- Fere has brands like Hackett, Turnbull&Asser, Brioni, Aquasqutum and Isaia. They also have some Taylor of Old bond street skincare and shaving products and shoes from Crockett & Jones and Allen Edmonds.

2) Vaatturiliike Sauma located on boulevard (13) . 

- If you have time to go only one place, go here. They have really great stuff from brands like John Smedley, Mabro, Sartoria Rossi and Montedoro. They also have nice collection of their “own” ties and pocket squares. They also have another shop at Arkadiankatu but that concentrates more on mtm-clothing.

3) Schoffa

- Nice shirts and accessories for a reasonable price. They have 2 shops. One of their salesmen has his own blog which is worth checking out. You can find it from here. Anton can also give you more info about what they have to offer. 

4) Stockmann. (Well, this is more or less the same you have in Tallinn)

5) Kämp-gallery. Few shops including Schoffa, Oscar Jacobson, Gant and Tiger of Sweden)

6) T'uomo menswear

Despite the name they have some nice stuff. Especially would check out their selection of the L.B.M 1911 sport coats they still should have on sale.

For “streetwear”

1) Beam / Beamhill.

- Couple of shops where they offer Acne, A.P.C, Raf Simons, Common Projects, Red Wing shoes and so on…

2) My o My

Haven’t visited here very many times but they do have some very nice stuff there. (Nanamica, S.N.S Herning etc)

3) Pinkomo

- If you need some shoe care products, go here. They have nice selection of valmour saphir products + some vintage clothing, sweaters and shoes. They don’t have a webpage but you can find some info from their Facebook page.

So well, if I were to visit Helsinki these are the places I’d probably go. Hope you enjoy your visit!



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