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how would u start of for a teenager to be classy? mainly types of shoes or boots ? and how to put up a good style ? thank you

Hey man,

Sorry for a bit late response.

The first thing and a piece of advice concerning your question is: “dress your age!”. Look around, keep your eyes open, pick out the things you like and think would those things really suit you.

You don’t tell anything about your style at the moment or what kind of situation are you in but in general there’s no need to try to be like “young adult” too early. I personally see for example wearing a suit at school daily to be a bit exaggerating. So if you’re still in high school and don’t have to wear a school uniform, leave suits just for the more formal occasions.

That of course does not mean that you couldn’t step up your game a little and build a wardrobe with “classical” and at least stylish elements. It’s a good start to upgrade those elements that are normally used by guys at your age.

To put up a good style there are some basic points:

- The most import thing is that you feel comfortable and confident whatever you’re wearing

- Pick the clothes that favors the build of your body (pay attention to the cut and fit of the clothes)

- Learn what colors suits you. If you’re uncertain, keep it simple. Mirror is a friend here.

- Don’t try too hard.

And to be a little more concrete, here’s some ideas what I would get and buy if I were about ten years younger and about to start building a nice wardrobe. And remember that you don’t necessarily need a huge budget to look good. Keep your eye on sales and webstores like Yoox + just make sure that you buy only things you really like and only pieces that fits you well. 


- 2x well fitted jeans (a pair in dark blue/indigo denim and a light colored “daddy jeans”)

- 1x beige cotton pants (or khaki chinos)

- 2x polo shirt (dark blue / green / pink / light blue / white…)

- 3 button-up shirts (1x white, 1x light blue, 1x light blue with a little pattern)

- 2x v-neck / crew neck sweater (brown / blue / bottle green / grey)

- 1x navy cardigan

- Casual jacket

This really depends on what kind of style are going for and there are many many possibilities to choose your favorite such as field jacket (pretty popular at the moment), Harrington (G9), rain mac, quilted / down jacket or even a parka.

If you feel need to add a sport coat / blazer to the selection, pick something lightweight (cotton or wool), unconstructed and blue (once again).


- 1x bluchers / wingtips / double monks / loafers (whatever suits you)

- 1x boots (i.e chukkas)

- 1x sneakers

Here I’d suggest that if you are just starting to build up your shoe rotation and buying the first pairs of “proper” shoes, it’s a better idea to buy two pairs from some of a bit more affordable brands than invest all the money to one pair from some brand on the higher end. And stay with brown.

Here’s some examples to choose from:

- Meermin longwing bluchers & suede double monks

- Loake Litchfield boots & Pimlico Suede Chukkas

- Bexley Enfield boots

In addition buy a pair of nice (white) sneakers from Superga or Converse for example

For the shoes check out Meermin, Bexley, and Herring Shoes.

Hope this helps!



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