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Isaia spring and summer 2015 lookbook

Starting the weekend with a quick look to the spring and summer look book by Italian Isaia - offering quite a bold color and pattern play together with the beautiful landscape of Amalfi.

Red coral collection - Maritime Republic of Amalfi

The collection for the upcoming season by Isaia is inspired by and dedicated to the Amalfi Coast and its rich and varied heritage. Color schemes for the collection - featuring blue, pink, some grey, yellow, turquoise, indigo and even some tone of green - are taken directly from this UNESCO World Heritage site that boasts some of the world's most beautiful panoramas and as can be seen - the look book has been shot at the very same landscape.

In terms of patterns the collection features multiple large checks and windowpanes - patterns that Isaia has made a recognizable part of their brand image.  

This collection is full of color and it is obvious that Isaia as a brand or this collection are not for everyone. Especially in a case of a typical pale Scandinavian I would be careful with a color palette featuring the bright tones of the collection - as it can be quite hard to pull off. In that case my suggestion is to go for the blue shades and hues that the collection still boasts quite a lot. With those you really can’t go wrong.

For more pics check the full Isaia spring summer 2015 look book

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