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Love the blog! I must say in all you pictures you look confident and comfortable. What inspires/inspired you to dress the way you do?

Hey anon,

Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated and a pleasure to hear!

To answer your question, I have to say that I get inspired by a lot of things.  Of course I follow a lot of other blogs, check out look books and keep my eye on different forums such as SF for example. That said, there’s one thing I want to bring up. I think it’s important to keep in mind that while being inspired by all of stuff mentioned above and all the stuff worn by the “internet style icons”, you can’t just copy the stuff you see but you must be able to learn what are the things that would suit you and what you could pull off. There are certain rules you must learn. Some of those you can learn by reading or by watching others but then there are some that you just need to learn by yourself. Actually, I find the learning process to be pretty inspiring as well.

As one wise guy said it at style forum a while ago, when it comes to developing your style you must investigate, you must learn, you must understand and then you must select. If you’ve done your due diligence and appreciate the process then you’ll never let “popular opinion” dictate your success.

Another and one of the most effective things that have made me to dress the way I do is my profession. Working on “legal area” on one hand sets certain limits and expectations how to dress but on the other hand it gives me a chance “to rock” some formal wear and not just stick to the casual clothing. I’m one of those guys who really enjoy wearing a suit.

Third thing would be colors. I really like playing with colors even though during last year I have toned my style down quite a lot when it comes to the use of colors. That said, if I had to pick up one thing that has inspired me the most recently, that would be “The Making Of”-project by Isaia. Perfectly combined colors, beautiful views, insight to the process, insight to the culture and most importantly a great story told not with words but just by the power of the amazing photos.

Hope that answered your question at least on some level.



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