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Meermin launches new website and mto-program

Spanish Meermin has recently launched a new website including clearer, simple and fresh look & lay-out. But what’s most interesting part of the “reformation” is their newly launched mto-program.


New Meermin MTO-group program

According to the site Made To Order Group is a new & very dynamic way to offer clients a wider range of possibilities. The system is based on crowd sourcing method, where it is left for the clients to decide what items move on to production and what doesn’t.

The program works so that customers support the new item they like and once the number of units supported reaches the campaign goal, the item is successfully funded and Meermin starts the production. This means that Made To Order groups are all-or-nothing, if the 100% of the goal is not reached, the item won’t go into production and all the deposits done so far will be refunded.

What makes the program interesting is that once the goal for one item is complete there can’t be more orders made and the item goes into production. 

The only negative aspect one can find from here is that from now on Meermin is not offering single MTO orders anymore. But as they say themselves all customers are more than welcome to propose them to organize a new MTO Group based on one’s idea. So if you have something in mind, just let them know and maybe it will happen.

At the moment there are six options available for funding, including a toe-cap oxford made of dark brown museum calf, balmoral boot featuring dark brown calf & dark brown rapello suede and string loafer made of light brown lama calf - naturally shrunken baby calf.

This is definitely something that makes Meermin to stand out from it’s competitors - really nice addition to their selection. Well done.




Check the list of all the mto-items available at the moment from here and more information about the program in general from here.

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