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Meermin snuff suede PTB - mto

I just recently got a question how our Meermin MTO PTBs turned out and I need to say it turned out really great.

The specs we ordered it were following:

  • Plain toe derby - 5 eyelets
  • Rui-last
  • Double rubber (dainite) sole
  • Snuff rapello suede
  • Sky welt

The order took a bit over 3 months to be delivered and the schedule held pretty well if I remember correct. Have no complaints, the finishing is on a good level, all the specs were as they were suppose to be and the quality of the suede is commendable in my book. Will probably go for another mto-order soon. And I will also come up with a more detailed review regarding the mto-loafers I got as soon as the spring gets a bit further.

Finally few pics regarding the result. Some more thoughts (in terms of this pair and Meermin in general) I just wrote can be found at


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