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Easter Sunday inspiration - Colors and illustrations by Monsieur Fox

Pocket squares are one of pieces a man can easily get some "color" to his outfit with, in case so wanted. In terms of pocket squares I personally usually go for either plain white, white with contrasting borders or then for squares that have a kind of personal print or illustration on them. These are squares that on their best are much more than just pocket squares - best of them could be described as work of art. Unfortunately they can rarely be seen as a whole as only a little part of the square can be seen when put in the pocket. I recently got two amazing pieces made by The Monsieur Fox. The squares are made  of a cloth featuring 70% wool for a substantial feel and superb puff and 30% silk for a smooth appearance and slight sheen. This is a kind of blend that makes the square to held itself in place during the day but that still does not make it too lumpy or massive in pocket.

Both squares - one featuring old school Cabaret Dancers and one with beautiful and lively Arabian Peacock Dancers - are hand drawn and painted in-house exclusively for the company and made in Italy. These kind of pieces are just what I want from my pocket squares, when they are not white and plain. Something different, something unique and something still quite easy to combine with the rest of your outfit.

To check the post with more pictures of using the pocket squares shown above, check "Wearing blue and burgundy" and "Double-breasted blazer for spring". Monsieur Fox -arabic dancers pocket square Monsieur Fox pocket square - cabaret dancers Monsieur Fox - pocket square details Monsieur Fox printed pocket square Monsieur Fox - everyday elegance Monsieur Fox - Cabaret dancers details

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