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People behind the Industry (Part I) - Federico Ceschi a Santa Croce

During my visit in Florence and Pitti Uomo in January I got the pleasure to meet Mr. Federico Ceschi, the owner of Milanese tailoring house N.H Sartoria. He will thus be the first person to be introduced in this “People behind the Industry” series.


1) “Who are you”? 

A: Federico Ceschi a Santa Croce, at the moment running a sartorial Atelier of men’s and women’s couture (N.H Sartoria) in Milan.

My experience comes from many years of work in the fabric and ready-to-wear markets, brands such as Legler Textiles, Krizia, Mila Schon, Ballantyne Cashmere, Gian Franco Ferre’ as Commercial Director. 

2) What are the “corner stones” of your own style?

A: Corner stones of my own style are STYLE, STYLE and again STYLE with the feeling to be habitually chick.

Elegance is a state of mind. Your style must come from inside you.


(“casantino wool” overcoat by NH Sartoria)

3) How do you find your inspiration? 

A: From my family’s history (I got my passion for menswear from my father) and from everything I see around; stylish people, places and situations.

4) How would you describe N.H Sartoria style? What makes the difference between you and other houses?

A: First of all is comfort. To be elegant one needs to feel comfortable in a tuxedo in the same way as in a tweed jacket. You need to feel it like a second skin. For this reason we give our clothes a type of cut which makes you feel comfortable in all kind of situations. The style of the jacket for example of course also depends on the fabric and the fabric must be chosen according to the customer and his style.

The fact that the garment is really made for you (for the customer) and that you’ve seen the process (been a part of it) also helps you better understand the value of the product. That is also highlighted by the fact that the more you wear the piece that’s made just for you the more it will feel as your own.

In general we want to give our clients a passion and a sense of wanting to dress better.

5) Your one and most important style advice for men?

A: Be yourself, don’t show off and be natural! Make sure that the charm of your style comes from inside.



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