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Q&A: Quick look on layering for the season

“Hi! I wanted to ask a simple, yet open question: what are your favorite layering pieces and brands for winter? I haven’t had luck finding good cardigans (I’ve never had a good one), and I need help finding sweaters, coats, and a good pair of winter pants. I live in the US, so any online recommendation would be great!”

This is a pretty wide question but I try to come up with some points.


Simple way of layering - lightweight v-neck sweater underneath a sport coat to keep away the cold.

I personally like wearing roll necks and cardigans as “layering pieces” while “dressing up” and roll neck sweaters in more casual combinations. In additions to that I use pretty much of gilets both as a top layer or underneath a sport coat / overcoat. I do wear more heavy fabrics such as flannels on suits during winter but otherwise when it comes to trousers I just use a lot of denim and just a bit heavier cotton fabrics. Other suitable options could be moleskin and corduroy for example but those are a minority in my wardrobe. Before I also used a lot of scarves but haven’t done that so much this season. Still I think that different kind of scarves can be a great way to personalize and enliven your outfits.


A bit more bold option of pairing a suit with rollneck and popped up polo shirt collars - not a look for everyone’s taste though.

Even though this wasn’t really the question, to get one started I’d suggest to try and acquire the following pieces to build a basis for fall and winter rotation (without suits or sport coats). As usual, keep the colors simple (but have some seasonal options) and they’ll be versatile and easier to combine. This listing is very much subjective and based on what I would do if I were now in the position to start “from the beginning”.

- 2x (navy / grey / brown) light weightmerino wool cardigan

- 1x Shawl collar cardigan (oatmeal, beige, navy or wine red)

- 1x (blue, grey, brown or bottle green) crew neck lambswool sweater

- 1x v-neck merino wool sweater

- 1x rollneck sweater (light colored)

- 1x mid-grey flannel trousers

- 1x denim jeans (a bit darker colored)

- 1x optional pair of corduroy or cotton slacks (in olive or brown)

- 1x “classic” peacoat

- 1x field / waxed jacket (if you happen to live in area where it doesn’t get so cold. Otherwise change this to some kind of parka jacket)

- 1x down gilet + couple of beanies and scarves


In terms of brands you can check this post written earlier about knitwear and where to buy, there are few places to check out. And to find online-retailers to go through see these post (and links) here & here.

When it comes to trousers, I’d first take a look and search for brands such as Finealta, Berwich, Pantaloni Torino, Jacob Cohen and Incotex.

And as pictures speaks louder than words, here are some examples to find inspiration for different kind of layering. Some more simple and some more bolder than others.

       image.          image









Pics via The Sartorialist, Tommy Ton,The Armoury, Drake’s London and Four Pins and Gabucci.

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