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RVR Lardini fall and winter 2014

Yesterday I wrote shortly about the main line of Lardini for this fall and winter and today it is good to continue with their second line, named RVR which refers to the reversibility of all garments included. For this season the collection includes items of outerwear in which natural fabrics such as wool or cashmere are combined with water-repellent technical materials.


The most well-played piece of this seasons collection is the classic olden jacket that morphs into a hooded parka on the technical fabric side.


Another personal favorite is this double-breasted “blazer” of which the woolen side is suitable even for office use for example with flannel slacks and the army green technical fabric on the other side works for casual Saturday walk in the park.

How to dress according to the weather

For every season the collection is built around the classic and basic models of men’s wardrobe such as the dustcoat, rain mac, parka or a field jacket. 

As the name suggests in RVR-collections all models are reversible. One side made from natural fibres for good and clear weather and the other one being waterproof made of technical fabrics for those days when it rains. One might claim these to be more than suitable for Scandinavian climate where the weather especially at the moment can be clear in the morning and eventually rainy in the afternoon. So why not invest in a jacket where you get “double for you money”.

I have no personal experience yet of RVR Lardini products but I quite still like the idea of making something to be as versatile as possible. Hope these will at some point be more widely available.


Shawl collar brings a nice touch to this double-breasted overcoat. Wool for business wear and water repellent nylon for casual wear.


Army green makes a nice pair with darker colored denim.


Boldness on the other side and restrained casualness on the other.



In this case, like that of the jacket/field jacket not only does the fabric change from one side to the other, but the model too: jacket in fibre on one side and field jacket in technical fabric on the other.


All the RVR models can be folded like a sweater to optimise space in storage and in transport, as well as making them ideal for travelling.

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